Halo Genomics

Halo Genomics develops kit for library preparation free targeted resequencing

Press Release   •   Feb 01, 2011 03:00 EST

Halo Genomics announced today that they are reaching out to early access customers with a new reagent kit for targeted resequencing that directly incorporates sequencing primers and sample barcodes during amplification. The new product enables enrichment of 1000’s of exons without the need for sequence library preparation.

By avoiding the sequencing library preparation steps, like shearing, size selection, gel purifications, and adaptor ligation reactions, the workflow of targeted sequencing is dramatically improved.

“We are very pleased with the data generated so far.” says Fredrik Dahl, CTO of Halo Genomics. “By solving the major bottleneck in targeted sequencing, and significantly simplifiying the workflow for the emerging bench top sequencing platforms, we believe this product will form the basis for Halo Genomics’ future product portfolio.”

Halo Genomics is a provider of innovative technology for sample preparation in next generation sequencing. Halo Genomics was founded by scientists from Uppsala University and Olink AB. Based in Uppsala, Sweden, the company's solutions are offered to a wide range of academic, government, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and other leading institutions around the world.