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HandMadeWritings Stats

Press Release   •   May 31, 2016 07:25 EDT

The main Facts:

  • A+ grade received 5% of our customers
  • A grade received 84% of our customers
  • B+ grade received 10% of our customers
  • B grade received 1% of our customers

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People who ordered with us:

  • 30% College students
  • 25% University students
  • 20% High school
  • 13% Master's
  • 12% PhD

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Our features:

  • Flexible Discounts $ %
  • No Late Orders
  • HandMade Quality
  • No "Blind" Charges
  • 24/7 Support

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Please visit the website for more detailed information about custom writing service or proceed direct to order.

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About us

Handmade Writings is an online custom writing service, whose unique mission is to alleviate the educational burden of students worldwide through the services of our professional writers. We have extensive experience in academic assistance, and work with the major players in the profession. CLEVER NETWORKS L.P. is a Scotland-incorporated company, registration number SL014752. The company address is 44 MAIN STREET, DOUGLAS, SOUTH LANARKSHIRE, SCOTLAND, ML11 0QW. You may reach us directly at 441418460420 with any questions about our company.

Why Handmade Writings?

It is simple. We write each paper individually, with professionalism and attention to detail. All of our work is handmade. Frankly, we wish it were a viable option to write your paper with a pen and fax it to you, were it a viable option. We employ state of the art security systems and we labor to earn your trust with a unique paper that is also state of the art. You will not hesitate to present our product to your academic institution with one of our papers; we understand that your paper may determine your future. We understand why you may be hesitant to trust someone with this responsibility, which is why we have a system of quality-assurance that provides you with an extremely reliable and safe means of order placement. We offer clear and direct 24-hour communication to discuss your paper details, check the status of your order, and interact with your writer. Ultimately, you get the cumulative result of a HANDMADE paper developed by our experts with novel excellence that includes your direct participation. We are not happy with the results unless you are, and we put our reputation on the line with every project.

Our purpose.

At Handmade Writings we set the bar high, and strive to improve our services and provide a quality product on a daily basis. Consider this: how many jewelry stores do you have in your neighborhood? When choosing among them, would you prefer a mass produced watch or necklace or one that has been developed personally for your, per your design? Our mission and promise to you is to
provide a handmade product, designed for you, at your direction and worth your money.

For High School, College, University students - we provide academic assistance with any kind of your paper assignments. 24/7 support service, 100% original papers - order your paper today and secure yourself a high grade with  HandMadeWritings!