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Press Release   •   Jun 01, 2018 04:33 EDT

As part of our massive preview of Neverwinter’s Module 14: Ravenloft, I’m going over the Tarokka Deck system in this article. The deck is handed out as part of the introductory quest line and serves a dual-purpose in the game. First of all, the cards of the deck are used to add more challenge to the Hunts of Barovia for additional rewards. Second of all, it’s a collector mechanic that can net players an unique artifact. So Rush to get neverwinter astral diamonds with $8 cash coupon for The Tarokka Deck & Cards, and all of their effects!

How Does The Tarokka Deck Work?

As mentioned players get the deck by completing the introductory quest line of Ravenloft. It is put into the “Useful Items” inventory tab and can be brought up by either clicking it there or using the button in the Ravenloft campaign UI. The deck concept comes from the pen and paper lore. Used by Madame Eva to read the adventurers’ future, it loosely guides players through the campaign. In Neverwinter however it fills a different purpose. While doing Hunts, group leaders can add up to three cards of their deck to add additional challenge and rewards. The cards get consumed so you need to refill them constantly. You can also collect all cards and claim an unique artifact.

The Tarokka Deck consists of a “High Deck” and several lower ones. The cards in the High Deck are epic, and offer the best bonuses and rewards. The lower deck cards are rare and offer the same type of rewards in a gradual format. The first card of the Glyphs Deck for example adds 10 Barovian Coins, the last one 100.

  • High Deck: Adds additional gear rewards to Hunts and feature Tarokka Deck Artifact Powers (see below)
  • Swords Deck: Adds additional gear rewards to Hunts
  • Stars Deck: Adds additional refining point rewards to Hunts
  • Glyphs: Adds additional campaign currency rewards to Hunts
  • Stars: Adds additional Astral Diamond rewards to Hunts

Where to You Get Cards?

The deck is free, but the cards have to be farmed or bought. There are several sources of Tarokka Cards:

  • Campaign Tasks (High Cards)
  • Some Weekly Campaign Quests (High Cards)
  • ZEN Store (High Cards)
  • Drop from mobs in the zone (Low Cards)
  • The Card Dealer (High and Low Cards)

As you can see, you should be able to progress with your deck by just playing the zone and the campaign. Players that like shortcuts will however also be able to buy random cards from the ZEN store. If you’re looking to complete your deck, the Card Dealer in the Vistani Camp in Barovia also comes in handy. You can trade him cards and then buy one card you do not already possess once per week. This way you can fill holes by using your duplicates.

Tarokka Deck Artifact

Other than adding rewards to Hunts, the deck once fully completed also grants an unique artifact. It’s interesting for different reasons. First of all it features a completely new mechanic as power. On use, you can select one out of three random cards that are drawn from your Tarokka Deck. Albeit there’s randomness involved, some of the effects look nice (see above). Also in case the artifact doesn’t draw any card you like, you can skip it, which shortens the cooldown and therefore can be used to proc stuff like the Insignia Bonus “Artificer’s Persuasion” more rapidly than with other artifacts. Obviously aiming to complete the deck and claim the artifact means that you can pretty much only use duplicates for Hunts. So players might have to decide how to use their cards early on. I would think that once obtained you no longer need to keep the deck intact, but I haven’t been able to test that so far.


Being able to add challenge for additional rewards is great, although I personally almost find the amount of gear choices the cards hand out a bit overwhelming. In the end though most stuff will probably end up as salvage or transmutes and endgame players are unlikely to switch. The same can be said about the artifact. It’s kind of a new approach for an artifact but I do not see it outperforming any current stuff.

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