Taj Pabla

Hardest Partying Entertainers?

Press Release   •   Dec 07, 2013 14:22 EST

R&B singer and producer Abel Tesfaye, also known as The Weeknd, and Fashion model Taj Pabla, get the title of: hardest partying individuals in the Industry. Both artist have partied so hard that it has led to an eye vessle popping.

As you can see in the picture comparing both the artist, they have a red eyeball, we’re talking werewolf status, but even though the injury might look gruesome, they are painless and heal within a week or two.

Taj Pabla, who also is a Party Host and MC, has been busy hosting multiple events at venues and night clubs. The multitalented artist laughed and quoted, “It’s one of the things I specialize in and you never can party too hard.”


Both artists continue working hard with their professional careers in Entertainment, but we must give it to these individuals for being the hardest, vessle popping, partiers known in the industry!