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HCG Drop Sees Dieters Seek Value Amidst Economic Pressures

Press Release   •   Dec 16, 2009 14:38 EST

Phoenix, AZ (NEWSDESK) – While the economic and political landscapes have changed dramatically, one thing has not changed in our society; 75% of Americans are overweight. While many are ‘tightening the belt’ when it comes to spending, hCG Drop finds many are willing to spend the extra buck on an effective weight loss method. www.hcgdrop.com


HCG Drop finds that the effectiveness of the hCG Weight Loss Diet is getting increased attention. While the hCG Weight Loss Diet has been around for over 30 years, many are now discovering the profound positive impact this diet can have on the human body .


HCG stands for human Chorionic Gonadotropin, which is a hormone that naturally occurs within the human body and is produced in higher quantities by pregnant women. This hormone has been shown to increase metabolism and induce fat loss.


Previously, HCG Diets consisted of an extreme diet coupled with expensive hCG injection. Today HCG Drop is excited to announce that it making the remarkable result that others have had with the injections available at a fraction of the cost! No clinic visits, doctors’ consultation, no prescription!


Our homeopathic oral hCG liquid is fully potent and 100% natural. The hCG hormone works directly with the Hypothalamus gland, which controls body fat and emotions. Oral hCG liquid together with a low calorie diet is very effective in boosting metabolism, burning fat and even curbing food cravings.


Our plan is not just a diet, it is not an exercise program, it is not a psychological behavior modification program, or some other system that is supposed to help you lose weight. This weight loss protocol actually addresses and attempts to correct the physiological cause of weight-gain and the inability to lose weight.


Many who have tried the hCG weight loss diet have discovered how true all the talk is. Those on the hCG weight loss diet have lost almost 100% fat. This program is often a long term solution to weight gain. The hCG weight loss diet is designed to help achieve positive health benefits as well as fat loss.


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