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Head Kandy Promises Straight and Healthy Hair with No Strings Attached

Press Release   •   Jan 21, 2016 14:39 EST

Poncha Springs, CO (January 21st, 2016) – Esteemed Hair and Beauty Brand Head Kandy ( is quickly becoming the go-to beauty brand for women looking to keep their hair stylish and healthy. Offering salon straight hair, similar to that of a traditional blowout, Head Kandy’s signature Straightening Brush, sold exclusively online, comes in Signature Teal, Limited Edition Apple Green, and Stole My Heart Pink. Retailing at just $59.99, Head Kandy’s brush has created a niche in the beauty market. The company offers a tool that not only provides more effective straightening, but proves to keep hair stronger and less susceptible to the damage that often comes with traditional flat irons.

The straightener takes half the amount of time when used to pre-straighten before flat ironing. This technique is especially effective for women with ethnic hair. It also provides a sleek, straight look while removing tangles. Head Kandy’s Straightening Brush heats up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit which is high enough to handle even the toughest curl patterns, helping people with curly hair achieve a beautiful straight effect. The bristles on the brush heat up as well, allowing the hair to be directed into a straight path, making straightening more efficient and quicker.

“The Head Kandy Straightening Brush is the highest quality tool in this price range on the market.” States Professional Hair Stylist and Founder Kayla McNeill. “My passion for new and state-of-the-art products keeps me constantly on the lookout for exciting ways to improve upon traditional hair styling methods. I strive to provide effective and affordable products to allow anyone to achieve their most beautiful look without risking the health of their hair.”

Head Kandy’s ceramic brush is part of a new generation of hair straightening brushes. The signature brush ensures less heat damage will occur due to the fact that, unlike a flat iron, it isn’t pressing your hair between two plates. The brush also makes styling much more flexible and keeps the hair shinier and more manageable. It is widely recognized as a healthier option for straight hair as opposed to standard flat irons.

“I wanted to create something that would allow women to get the straight hair that they’ve always wanted without worrying about the damage that using a hot tool will cause.” Continues McNeill. “Our signature Straightening Brush not only provides perfectly straight hair, but allows for the maintenance of healthy tresses as well. This is a win-win.”

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About Head Kandy

Founded in 2014 by expert hair stylist Kayla McNeill, Head Kandy provides a much needed service to the beauty industry, offering an effective and affordable signature Straightening Brush for $59.99 and a uniquely formulated Fiber Lash mascara for $25.00. Head Kandy is becoming a staple brand within the beauty industry providing products that truly work at a reasonable price. Head Kandy’s products allow customers of all types to glamourize and update their look without breaking the bank or risking the damaging effects of traditional flat irons.