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Heal Your Soul, Improve Your Life, and Find Success with Treyce Montoya

Press release   •   Nov 01, 2016 16:43 EDT

Los Angeles, California - World-renowned forensic handwriting expert Treyce Montoya can change lives in a way no one else can. After spending 30 years in the field working on high profile criminal cases like Michael Jackson and Darlie Routier, and testifying in court as an expert witness, she is thrilled to bring her unique skillset to the public through personality profiling, self-help and therapy, and teaching.

Law enforcement, human resource, mental health, and other professionals can study how to solve forgeries, recognize deception in written statements, identify mental illness, and more through the Forensic Handwriting Academy, which Treyce founded in 1987. Expand your career capabilities or learn how this valuable science can improve your everyday life.

Aside from her forensic experience, Treyce truly has a passion for helping people overcome decades of trauma and learn to heal the physical, spiritual, and psychological damage they have suffered. She teaches "Handwriting Formation Therapy" (HFT), a cognitive behavioral, evidence-based yet holistic / alternative mental health program that helps to change personality traits by changing handwriting. By doing this, you create a new neurological association in your brain, which creates new thought processes and behaviors. Since it’s conception, HFT has helped thousands across the world heal from past trauma, discover their life purpose, learn to forgive, let go of anger and self-doubt, repair relationships, discontinue psychological medications, conquer addictions, end behavioral issues, and more.

Not only has Treyce received decades of glowing testimonials, but she has been featured by national media including CBS, ABC, TruTV, and Crime Watch Daily. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and check out her website for more information.

Upcoming events in Phoenix, AZ:

Fall Fair

November 5, 10am-4pm

Get your handwriting analyzed, grab a mini health session, play games, and meet artists that create inspirational jewelry and creative gifts.

Arizona Wellness Expo

November 12, 9am-4pm

Treyce joins 40+ practitioners to showcase holistic solutions and integrative therapies for wellness. Explore options to heal your mind, body, and spirit.

Science & the Psychics

November 20, 2pm-5pm

An afternoon of psychic and mediumship readings, and science from internationally-known gurus. Learn what changes to make in your handwriting to break down mental blocks and find success and happiness.

About Treyce Montoya

Treyce Montoya is a world-renowned forensic handwriting expert, author, speaker, and therapist. Her 30 years of field experience lead her to create "Handwriting Formation Therapy" (HFT), a cognitive behavioral, evidence-based yet holistic / alternative mental health program that has helped thousands heal, repair, and conquer their lives. She has worked on high profile criminal cases, and has been an international law enforcement trainer, Criminal Minds consultant, and a long-term forensic volunteer for Find Me. Treyce has been featured internationally on TV and radio, including CBS, ABC, and more, and she continues to speak across the world on topics such as: criminal mentality, intuition, trauma healing, spirituality, forensic handwriting analysis, and much more. Treyce is the author of 21 books, most recently her autobiography:Raven & the Willow Tree.

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