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High Purity Gases Market Worth Around 32.8 Million USD by 2024 | Constant CAGR 4.9% In Global Market

Press release   •   Apr 17, 2019 09:30 EDT

Global High Purity Gases Market was valued at USD 23.0 billion in 2017 and is likely to generate a demand of USD 32.8 billion by 2024, at a constant CAGR of 4.9% over the next seven years.

Rising demand for high purity gases across a diverse range of applications such as electronics, chemicals, automotive, metal production, and medical, among others, is expected to drive the market demand. Moreover, growing concerns regarding the quality of food and healthcare services across the globe is set to accelerate market growth over the forecast period.

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The years used for the assessment are as follows;

Historical year: 2014, 2015 and 2016
Base year: 2017
Forecast period: 2018 – 2024


The research and analysis are based on data and information obtained from various primary and secondary sources. The data obtained is validated by interacting with the companies of the concerned domain. The steps involved in the research methodology are;

Obtaining historical data of the market based on news, articles, publications, annual reports, white papers, surveys and other secondary sources
Interacting with key opinion leaders of the market and developing data points based on interaction with them
Study of past trends in the market and their year on year impact on the market size and share
Analyzing the collected data points
Bridging the data points to calculate the high purity gases market and its various segments
Anticipating potential risks
Analyzing market forces such as drivers, restraints, and opportunities to assess new growth areas for the market
Finalizing the overall size and share for the global market


To classify global high purity gases market into segments on the basis of type, manufacturing process, function, and application to analyze their growth prospects individually
To analyze market trends, opportunities, drivers and restraints associated with high purity gases
Profiling key companies operating in the global market
To study market response with respect to the mergers and acquisitions in the industry


The research scope for high purity gases market is as follows:

By Type

Nobel gases
High atmospheric gases
Carbon gases

By Manufacturing Process

Air separation
Hydrogen reforming

By Function


By Application

Oil & gas
Metal production
Food & beverage

By Region

North America
Central & South America (CSA)
Middle East & Africa (MEA)

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The market for high purity gases is projected to augment owing to their growing use in applications such as medical, chemicals, electronics, food and beverage, and metal production, among others. In order to ensure that the properties are fully utilized, high purity gases are distributed at high concentration without the addition of other gases. Additionally, growing electronics and automotive industries, particularly in the emerging economies of China and India is expected to further propel the market demand.

High purity gases may be manufactured through methods such as air separation and hydrogen reforming. The purity of a gas is characterized by the level of specific impurities present in them. In case of gases that do not have any details on impurities, the specification of their purity is to be seen as a typical value. In the transportation of high purity gases, every filled cylinder must accompany a certificate of analysis that confirms that the maximum limit for impurity is not exceeded.

High purity gases are used across a wide range of applications, for instance carbon dioxide is used as refrigerant gas and argon is used in the production of silicon wafers for the electronics industry. However, moisture is a common and detrimental contaminant in several high purity gases. Excessive moisture content in gases may cause corrosion and result in the formation of ice at low temperatures, which causes premature wear as well as failure of equipment. Also, in liquid form it may react with other chemicals and gases.

The permitted content of moisture may vary based on type of gas and certified purity. Therefore, it becomes necessary to establish a routine check for measuring the moisture content in the manufactured gas to ensure that drying and purification processes are effective. Measurement can be done at the point of production, or directly from a sample of freshly filled bottles. This provides an assurance that the gas has been produced as per the required purity.

In addition, high purity gases play a vital role in the LED manufacturing. High purity gases such as hydrogen, nitrogen and ammonia are used in the manufacturing process of LED chips. Among these gases, ammonia and hydrogen form majority of the atmosphere in which the crystal layers are grown. Thus, the availability of regular and stable supply of high purity gases is a prerequisite for a high volume LED manufacturing facility, as their purity is critical to the performance and quality of LED devices.

Moreover, high purity gases are highly flammable, toxic, as well as resistant to chemical action under normal temperature and pressure. Thus, various safety standards provided by key organizations must be adhered to during the transportation of these gases. However, high cost of processing coupled with stringent government regulations, and raw material price fluctuations may hinder the market growth over the next seven years.

Some of the key companies operating in the industry include The Linde Group; Air Liquide; Praxair Technology, Inc.; Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.; Messer Group GmbH; Iwatani Corporation; Matheson Tri-Gas, Inc.; Advanced Specialty Gases; Osaka Gas Liquid Co., Ltd.; and American Welding & Gas, Inc.; among others.

Table Of Contents

Global High Purity Gases Market Outlook, Trend and Opportunity Analysis, Competitive Insights, Actionable Segmentation & Forecast 2024

CHAPTER 1. Market Scope and Methodology

CHAPTER 2. Executive Summary

CHAPTER 3. Industry Analysis

CHAPTER 4. Competitive Outlook

CHAPTER 5. Global High Purity Gases Market Size and Forecast (2014 – 2024)

CHAPTER 6. Global High Purity Gases Market Size and Forecast, By Region (2014 – 2024)

CHAPTER 7. Key Players and Strategic Developments

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