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Home Business Social Networking To Generate Leads

Press Release   •   Sep 16, 2010 19:59 EDT

Home business networks offer business owners a platform to promote their products and services to others who share the same interests. With the jobs recession still entrenched, many people are turning to home businesses for their livelihood or to supplement their income.

HomeBizTalk.com provides a social community for both new and experienced home business owners. By joining the site, new members can interact with others who have the same interests. The ability to share experiences and information allows members to learn and grow together. At the same time, one may find leads among community members for your business.

Not only is HomeBizTalk.com a networking site itself, but it also provides tools for members to market their products and services on social media websites like Facebook and Twitter.

The advantage of niche social networks is that all members have the same general focus. In this case, the members are people who are interested in or who are already running their own home business. For those who have been thinking about starting a new venture, the site allows them to connect with members who can offer leads or even get them started in a new enterprise.

The power of blogging

Members at HomeBizTalk.com are able to contribute articles to the website's main blog allowing them to reach out to the broadest possible audience.

By frequently publishing blog posts and interacting with other members, home businesses can promote their brand and name recognition. Articles must be on topics that would interest home business owners, and one very popular subject is how to promote one's business online.

The key to branding and name recognition is repetition, so constantly getting one's business name in front of viewers requires a consistent and energetic campaign. As the community recognizes a member's presence, home business leads will invariably generate on their own.

Create your profile

Like all home business networks and other social media platforms, members create their personal or business profiles to represent their official presence in the community. Basic information on one's business is included here including contact information. Home business leads interested in what a member has to offer will usually end up at that member's profile before pursuing a direct contact.

So, the member profile is where one should project one's image and reputation. All qualifications, experience, credentials, licenses and other important information that establishes one is competent and trustworthy should be included here.

Based on experience

HomeBizTalk.com is owned by RY Enterprises, a company with broad experience in e-commerce, internet marketing, and niche blogging for small businesses looking to attract local customers.

Vice President Roy Revill created the social networking site after realizing that small home business owners needed their own networks to compete against the big players like Amazon and eBay. The site allows members to pool their resources and share their knowledge on how to achieve success over the internet on a local scale.

Members can learn about a wide range of marketing subjects from search engine optimization to website analysis.