Home Intercom Systems and Home Theater Installation: A Beginner’s Guide

Press Release   •   Nov 11, 2010 01:35 EST

Home intercom systems are the best bet when you want to secure your home and enjoy the luxury of reaching out to your housemates who are living on different floors. The market is inundated with home intercom systems, and selecting the right one may turn out to be quite a challenge. Here are some guidelines:


How to Choose a Home Intercom System

  • Determine your budget to avoid overspending.
  • Choose wired or wireless systems depending on your convenience.
  • Opt for either a video or voice-only system.
  • Decide whether an intercom is to be installed in each room or used as a connection between two rooms.


How to Buy Home Intercom Systems


  • Research online for attractive offers.
  • Contact sales representatives to get more information on the features of each type.
  • Find out beforehand about installation criteria and warranty coverage.


How to Install a Home Intercom System

  • Identify those rooms that need to be fitted with an intercom system, like those belonging to children and the elderly.
  • Buy and install a master unit and substations: the first contains the electronic circuit for voice communications and the second the speaker and a toggle switch to shift from “talk” to “listen” modes.
  • Have a password when the system is attached to the gate to ward off strangers.


Your home theater may be one of your most expensive purchases. You not only have to choose the equipment itself carefully, but you have to keep installation in mind.


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