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Press release   •   Jun 07, 2011 09:46 EDT

HomeFellas.com, 06.07.11- Even in remote destinations like Anchorage, burglary occurs on daily basis. Each year burglary affects over 2 million households. Many home owners opt for home security providers to protect their homes from criminals. HomeFellas.com offers the best listing & reviews of home security systems . It is better to have a home security comparison so that you can find the right system for your home. When choosing a home security system the best type of system and your budget must be considered.

HomeFellas.com provides some tips to select the best home security system. The price of the system must be considered, the length of the contract must be evaluated, the devices coming along with the system must be compared, your option of having 24/7 monitoring services must be decided and the extra benefits and options must be considered.

HomeFellas.com provides reviews about many home security companies in the market like ADT, Protection one and XFINITY with competitive service price and the equipment. XFINITY will be the right choice for those who want to know what is going on at their home each and every time even in their absence. XFINITY home security is producing a new era of home protection which pairs Comcast’s technological edge with 24/7 monitoring. For more protection in XFINITY home security from Comcast you can add optional home security products like smoke detectors or wireless cameras along with traditional home security features.

HomeFellas.com also provides some tips to be followed when home owners are out for vocation. To prevent a burglary some basic home security measures must be taken by the home owners. Grade 1 locks must be used for the entry doors, the windows must be protected with security devices like shutters or grills, an electronic lock may be installed on your fences and gates finally each and every door and windows must be locked properly. Along with these basic security measures you can purchase DIY Home Security Devices like alarm system sensors, home security motion detectors, home alarm systems with sirens and wireless alarm systems. For best burglar protection, you may work with home security monitoring services so that you may enjoy peace of mind.

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