HostGee's Ranges Program for Hosting Companies

Press Release   •   Jun 12, 2013 05:43 EDT

Hostgee aims through its data center located in Riyadh to provide a encouraging hosting environment for companies in Saudi Arabia that offer solutions to web site hosting, as well as working on the resettlement of the Arabic content on the Internet in an Arabic country, which will be a first step in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and in phase 2 it will be content settling in other Arab countries. 
Targetted customersThis program targets companies that offer hosting services to companies and individuals.
Features obtained by the hosting companies*HostGee's Data center in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and technical support team includes Arab and foreign.* providing means of communication with technical support team, Hostgee E-ticket system, live chat and directphone . In addition to a special contact number is provided with each company to communicate with the engineer responsible about it's servers at any time.* Maximum flexibility in the specification when choosing servers and according to the needs of the company.*Increasing discounts on the prices of servers when moving between ranges.
Note : Hostgee Technical support includes maintenance spare parts server and restart the server in necessary cases only, and do not include any support on the contents of the server and its applications.
Hostgee Ranges types:Ranges apply to each product independently, that is, Single server has a domain independent of the Dual server.
Hostgee Bronze Range:This range includes companies that have less than 4 servers.The customer gets a discount of 10% on new orders.
Hostgee Silver Range:This range includes companies that have between 5 to 10 servers.The customer gets a discount rate of 15% on new orders.
Hostgee Golden Range:This range includes companies that have between 10 to 16 servers.The customer gets a discount rate of 20% on new orders.
Hostgee Diamond Range:This range includes companies that have more than 16 server.The customer gets a discount of 25% on new orders.
Terms of the program* The participating company agrees to these terms if registered in the program and joint it.* The company should be specialized in providing hosting services.* Each company is granted at registration a promotional discount code value of 10% for Single Server code and a promotional discount of 10% for Dual Server.* The company requests a new code when moving from one range to another.* The Company should not use any code that outside it's scope and the company will be responsible if no following that.* Company is responsible for the privacy of the promo code and the responsibility to not be used by anyone else .
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