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Press Release   •   Jan 25, 2016 02:56 EST

After dealing with the Trade Bar Store update, the Neverwinter team is returning to the AD economy overhaul. This time, the aim is to reduce astral diamond cost to Change Item Appearance: the costs of transmutation were cut by a mere 90% on PC. This change will apply to Xbox once Underdark hit that version on Feb.9.

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Well, if you are burnt out on earning 200k astral diamonds neverwinter to only transmute armour, now it is your time. The neverwinter team is going a step forward to adjust the AD economy, and this time, pc players get a great cost reduction on transmute items. Generally, those items get a mere 90% AD reduction! The cost of low-level transmutes (level 1-35) now only range from 10 AD to around 300 AD, while the level 70 only costs 5,000 AD, only one-tenth of the previous 50,000 AD cost. What do these data mean? Well, you can even bring back your old gear transmutes (no stats) and throw them into the loot tables as BOE for dungeons chests!
Xbox players can get this reduction when Underdark releases for them on Feb.9!

Neverwinter AD economy gets another step forward

Though this reduction might not change the whole situation, neverwinter ad economy gets another step forward, and each small step will lead to great improvement. In fact, since PC players lost the way to earn AD from leadership in September of last year, earning astral diamonds has been a worrying problem. When Underdark released on PC version in November of last year, Cryptic began to balance the economy. Changes include increasing earn rates and decreasing prices. For example, PC players get +50% Astral Diamonds earning from dungeons, skirmishes, PvP, and the weekly quests when Underdark released, the daily AD refinement cap was raised from 24k to 36k, the prices of the Wondrous Bazaar companions, and the costs to upgrade companions were also reduced in different degrees. Now, in the beginning of 2016, we get another improvement, which is a good start to aim at a bright neverwinter ad economy!

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