How Dread Ring Campaign will Work with Neverwinter Xbox Elemental Evil in September?

Press Release   •   Aug 21, 2015 02:10 EDT

As scheduled, the Elemental Evil will come to Neverwinter Xbox in September. Now the new contents are around the corner, except for Safewow’s guides about stocking companions to prepare for Neverwinter Xbox Elemental Evil, players can also get an understanding about how to get access to Dread Ring, the campaign from Shadowmantle, and how will it work in September when releases.

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Dread Ring Campaign comes with Shadowmantle

September is a big month for Neverwinter Xbox players as they will get the previous 4 expansions - Elemental Evil, Fury of the Feywild, Shadowmantle and Curse of Icewind Dale at the same time. Among the 4 expansion, Elemental Evil is the 6th and the latest one, which brings an increase to level cap, the Oathbound playable class and new adventure zones. See all new contents & changes come with Elemental Evil on Safewow. Shadowmantle is the 2nd expansion that features Hunter Ranger class, Dread Ring adventure zone, Dread Ring Campaign and more. With the coming of Shadowmantle in xbox, it is time to learn about its’ important part, Dread Ring Campaign, which can unlock new content, collect new rewards and earn new boons.

The requirements to access to Dread Ring

Originally, Dread Ring is the easiest campaign to complete among all four ones that will be added to Elemental Evil in September. However, adventurers will still need to pay effort to reach to the some requirements for access.
1. Reach the level 70 to begin Sergeant Knox’s introductory quest that will eventually take adventures to the Ashen Battlefield.
2. Aid Celeste and Makos along the way until you defeat Varkoss the Unliving.
3. The Sergeant Knox will valiantly greet you once more as you gain access to the Dread Ring.

The way that Dread Ring will work in September

The Dread Ring consists of one expansive map, allowing adventurers to travel through with no need to unlock any gates. It is also the map that brings more variety to the daily quests – more than a dozen are available. Besides, just like Sharandar in Fury of the Feywild consists of the Gnarlroot Caves, The Witch Fen and Tower of Celadaine, the Dread Ring also have three lairs: the Dread Spire, the Death Forge and the Phantasmal Fortress. When completing these lairs, adventures will get an Arcane Coffer which may award you the Eye of Lathandar artifact when opened.
What’s more, zombies, skeletons, Thayans, Dread Warriors, and more deadly or undeadly monsters will be found in the Dread Ring. After slaying them, some shifting Contests will be granted to ensure that adventures can get different contents and different experience in the campaign.

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