How People Unlock WOW 2,511 Achievements and Earn 25,825 Points?

Press Release   •   Feb 22, 2016 04:04 EST

Recently, the news that World of Warcraft’s 2,511 Achievements were unlocked on safewow has stirred up lots of excite and curiosity among wow fans. What even crazier is that those players even reached 25,825 points. While it is pretty incredible to reach 20,000 points, their accomplishment sounds insane, so how did they do so?

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Well, as we can imagine, it firstly requires lots of grinding, and maybe you need to play the game non-stop. To go beyond 2,500 achievements and to reach more than 25,000 points, players have to collect 300 mounts, which is a hard and painful grinding even after Legion releases, not to mention that there are many other items that require you to collect, including all pets, more than 250 toys, and so on. What’s more, players also have to unlock all PvP and Arena achievements, as well as all the Challenge modes and Mythic raids. Considering how hard killing 500 Pandaren players in Ashran is, you can imagine how much effort they have to pay for all those achievements.

Are those collections enough to get you reach the height? Absolutely no. Usually, each achievement unlocked grants of a certain amount of achievement, such as 5, 10 or even 25. The greater difficulties, the more points. To obtain all the 25,825 points, they had also been the members of the Legacy achievements that are no longer obtainable due to gameplay changes. Thus, Alliance players can reach at 25,825, the max, even when “Mythic Dungeoneer” can’t be unlocked right now. And Horde players can only get the maximum of 25,815 points as they cannot do the Ashran achievement (Down Goes Van Rook) that provides 10 points.

Incredible stuff, aren’t they? Miracles are everywhere in World of Warcraft. It seems that we will see players break through 30,000 points soon after Legion comes out. Will that be you? Buy cheap and fast wow gold from safewow to help you speed up the process! On the other hand, it is also driving force for players to strive for achievements in the upcoming expansion. Though there’s no list of Legion Achievement yet, we have known that Legion will offer us an interesting dungeon called Maw of Souls, enabling numerous boss battles, trash mobs and loot on the Vyrkul ship. Only this dungeon itself must gather many players and grants them many scores for Achievements. Of course, cheap and fast wow gold for sale on safewow will also help a lot.

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