How to Create and Level Up Your Cabal 2 Guild with safewow 8% off Cabal 2 ALZ

Press Release   •   Aug 03, 2015 03:41 EDT

There is a Guild System in Cabal 2 and many players still did not know how to creat their guild, level their guild to level 2 etc, use their guild warehouse? Here you will know more in our safewow store.
How to level your guild?

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1.You can create your guild (without any costs) when you are level 10 and reach the Frey Hilltown map.
2. The basic guild you create will be level 1 and it will have space for 50 characters.
3. You can level up your guild by leveling up yourself and all members gather XP for the guild. Once it has enough, it levels up automatically.
4. When you reach level 2 with your guild it will allow to have space for 100 characters.
5. Now no one saw a guild higher level then level 2 on the KR or Pegasus server so it could be the max level.

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