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How to find best penny stocks newsletters

Press Release   •   Jul 17, 2013 09:36 EDT

Finding the best penny stocks often starts with finding the best penny stock newsletter - after all, you need a starting point for your search for the best penny stocks available. Rule of the thumb is to avoid like plague FREE best penny stock newsletters.

There's no FREE Meal

Think about it. Investigating penny stocks requires personnel, time, dedication and lots of money. Best penny stock newsletter publishers (such as ourselves), have to travel a lot, attend press releases, and visit factory and corporate premises to hunt for and verify information. After all the information is received, it needs to be put together so it all makes sense and everything can be cross-verified. We need office space, furniture, equipment and best of all, bright, inquisitive minds who can smell a rose and a rat with equal ease. Yes, it takes a lot of money. Now ask yourself a simple question - if the Best penny stocks newsletter is being offered for free, then where do the publishers get their money from?

There are too many businesses out there that will pay to get their stocks uplifted. The most likely reason is that these companies are seeking funds and need to shore up their stock value. Given the profitability of investing in penny stocks, there are many rogue penny stock traders who will pay the publishers of free best penny stock newsletters to publish details of penny stocks promoted by them.

So when you use a free Daily penny stocks Alerts, you ultimately end up paying for it by buying dud stocks. The trick to finding the best penny stock newsletter is to first find the penny stock newsletters that are not free.

Finding the best penny stock newsletter

All offers for best penny stock newsletters that are not free, will usually also include a trial period. Make good use of it. Each penny stock listed should be there for a reason and the reasons need to be spelt out clearly. More importantly, they need to make sense. Take the sample best penny stock newsletters you've received for a spin by verifying details given. You don't have to verify each and Good Penny Stocks listed. Randomly select a few and verify them. If they check out, then you've found the best penny stock newsletter - one whose publishers really do their homework.

My personal recommendation to finding the best penny stocks is to also add a second filter - that of a stock picker app. A stock picker app needs to be fed information from the stock market or from the newsletter. It then performs a series of math functions the results of which should indicate that the penny stock in question is a good buy. Stock picker apps can also display a trend. A sudden unexplained spike probably indicates a manipulated stock.

I recommend you subscribe to at least two best penny stock newsletters. From to time, do the diligence test to make sure the best Penny Stock Alerts & newsletter publishers are indeed doing their job well.

Jeff Mirkin has been trading penny stocks for 12 years and is an expert in microcap securities.