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How to improve Memory and Treating Lower Blood Sugar Count

Press release   •   Dec 28, 2012 01:56 EST

Ever find it hard to remember facts or names? Turns out that a spike in your blood sugar can lead to short-term memory loss. Fluctuation in blood sugar is often associated with diabetes and weight gain, but a 2008 study from the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition published findings that indicated the higher your blood glucose level, the more impaired your mind is.

When we eat processed foods or sugar-laden foods, our body may respond with energy for a while, but then you are weakened in body and brain. Sugar crash, anyone? Most of us have experienced this free fall at one time or another. But now there is a study that proves clear thinking is closely associated with blood sugar control.

Blood sugar was a hot topic in the mainstream media a few years ago when a large federal diabetes study was stopped because the researchers discovered that dropping the volunteer subjects’ blood sugar levels too low actually raised their risk of dying from a heart attack.

But there was one major problem: blood sugar was controlled by drugs in the subjects, not by nutrition or lifestyle changes.

Let's see what really happened…

Let me point out a few other studies to demonstrate that pharmaceutical drugs responsible for lowering blood sugar aggressively risk heart problems. It is far more safe and healthy to control blood sugar naturally, witnessing fat loss and enhanced brain and mind function as a result.

Purdue scientists fed 2 types of yogurt to rats: yogurt sweetened with saccharin and yogurt sweetened with sugar. The rats eating yogurt sweetened with saccharin gained 36% more unhealthy fat in just 5 weeks. Researched indicates that the toxic artificial sweeteners changes insulin regulation and alters how your body digest the friendly bacteria in yogurt – rendering it almost useless.

A Penn State study split adults into 2 groups on a controlled diet that included pasta and bread. Each group at the same number of calories.

• The 1st group ate white-flour bread and pasta.
• The 2nd group substituted whole-wheat bread and pasta.

Each group had about an average of 10 pounds in weight loss. The fascinating results were indicated in the 2nd group that ate whole-wheat bread and pasta. This group dropped 2x more abdominal fat than the group consuming white-flour products. The conclusive evidence shows:

• If you have to eat bread or pasta, choose whole-wheat products that provide better blood sugar control.
• More inflammation was present in the first group eating white flour products.
• Insulin is a hormone that functions to signal the body when to store or not store body fat.

Not only does a healthy, low-blodd sugar lifestyle prevent heart disease, diabetes, joint ailments, and a plethora of other conditions, but it also improves memory and cognitive functioning. In other words, the faster you metabolize blood sugar, the better your mind will function.

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