How to join Neverwinter Halloween Masquerade of Liars Event with astral diamonds hot sale

Press Release   •   Oct 31, 2016 03:19 EDT

Neverwinter's annual Halloween event - Masquerade of Liars has started on all platforms (PS4, XBOX ONE, PC) and we have all the info you need to acquire the event goods. What rewards you can get in Neverwinter Halloween Masquerade of Liars event? Follow us to get them fast.

Event Time

Begins: Thursday, October 27 at 7:30AM PT for PC and 10AM PT for Xbox One and PS4

Ends: Wednesday, November 2 at 7:30AM PT for PC and 10AM PT for Xbox One and PS4 (the vendor will remain at the event dais for a few days afterwards)

How to do?

Players need to collect Masquerade Tokens and can trade them at the Masquerade Vendor for various rewards. You get Tokens by completing three dailies and collecting Liar's Charms. Charms drop from mobs throughout the world and pumpkins within Protector’s Enclave. Players then can trade those for additional Tokens. Either at a 1:1 ratio directly in the store or at Masquerade Illusionists throughout Protector's Enclave. The Illusionists hand out a Bag of Illusionist's Treats with multiple Tokens.

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Daily Quest - Trade of Treats

This is a repeatable daily quest only available during the Masquerade of Liars event. Taking the quest gives you 10 [Liar's Charm]s.


Trade for Treats with Masquerade Illusionists

Return to the Masquerade Master


604 XP

2 Silver 21 Copper

5 [Masquerade Token]

[Memento of Leira]

Daily Quest - Lore of Liars

This is a repeatable daily quest only available during the Masquerade of Liars event. You may only complete this quest 5 times.


Speak to the Masquerade Loremaster

Return to the Masquerade Master


3,020 XP

11 Silver 3 Copper

5 [Masquerade Token]

[Memento of Mask]

What Rewards you can get?

You can choose to buy a few cool looking Fashion Masks for your Tokens, two Companions, Transformation Potions and a Masquerade Dye Pack. The Wandering Scarecrow and Skeleton unfortunately are pretty non-special. All of the stuff is unbound however and can be sold. On PC the Masks sold for a decent amount in the first year, but the market since crashed. On consoles it might still make sense to grind them for a decent AD though. You you need to figure out yourself whether the effort is worth the reward.
For Artifact, next to the store items players can obtain and refine the Illusionist's Mask up to legendary quality with special event refinement stones. Doing your dailies you should get enough RPs and all Reagents to at least get the Mask to purple. This makes it a very easy way for new or undergeared players to fill their Artifact spots, even if know it's only temporary.
To get all rewards you need to get at least 3,200 Tokens. 105 come from the dailies, leaving a whopping 3,095 to be farmed using Liar's Charms. Just killing mobs won’t nearly land you enough, so you are going to find yourself circling through the Enclave looting pumpkins and trading Charms at the Illusionists. The map on the left shows the spots for Pumpkins (orange) and stationary Illusionists (red).

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