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How to successfully follow career as a professional writer

Press Release   •   Oct 19, 2016 08:36 EDT

Writing professionally can be both rewarding and exciting. However, if you are planning to establish a career in writing, you have to realize that this is a challenging choice. While there are varied and numerous options for professional writers, you also require extensive skills and knowledge along with years of writing experience to be good at it. You have to have a proper understanding of the basic elements of launching a successful writing career, regardless of whether you want to work for someone else or become a freelance writer. If you take a look at the successful writers today, you will become to the realization that the path to success in each case is quite different.

This is primarily because there is no single path for aspiring writers. Your determination, resources, skills and talents have an impact on where you go and how you end up. First things first, you need to decide what you want to write about. Sure, it is not necessary for you to specialize in one aspect, but focusing on a specific genre of writing can be helpful. For instance, you may have a penchant for writing great romance novels, science fiction stories, non-fiction travel articles, medical articles, biographies etc. Knowing where your talents like can make the path simpler for you.

You need to do some evaluation of your writing skills. Bear in mind that writing is a competitive and demanding career choice and editors are a very ‘tough crowd’. Yes, you don’t have to be Hemingway to become a writer, but don’t forget that basic mistakes are not taken lightly in this field. You need to be honest when you are evaluating your writing skills. Always proceed with caution if you aren’t sure you have what it takes to become a writer. You have to have high level skills in order to succeed in writing and you will have to work hard to develop them.

This is the time you hone your skills. You can identify your weak areas or those that requirement improvement and consider working with a mentor or taking writing classes for getting better. You should also get some experience under your belt and test your skills in this way. You can work on online platforms as a freelance writer of There is also the option of writing essays for college students and helping them out. You not only get the opportunity of improving your skills, but you also get paid for it. Who doesn’t like the extra money?

Once you have gained some experience and addressed your writing issues, you are ready to go pro. This is when you decide whether you wish to work in a traditional employment environment or go for freelance writing. This can depend on your career goals, the kind of flexibility you want and your salary. You can easily find work online as there are numerous platforms making this easier. You can create a website for promoting your services and getting hired for different writing jobs or joining a writing company or magazine. There are several websites, such as AceWriters team, you can look at for example.