How to Take Advantage of Xboxone Neverwinter Astral Diamond Exchange?

Press Release   •   Jan 14, 2016 02:36 EST

OK, to make a long story short, there is always saying that like “WTF is going on astral diamond exchange market” among neverwinter community. Thus, this guide from safewow is to help you understand the rule that drives up/down Neverwinter xbox astral diamond exchange rate and further learn how to take advantage from it.

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What is Astral Diamond Exchange in neverwinter?

To begin with, the AD Exchange is a Neverwinter in game store that allows players to exchange Zen for Astral Diamonds and vice versa. You can put in a custom amount for the exchange ratio, or you can pick from a range of top listings to exchange. This is the so-called AD Exchange rates (also called ZAX). The rate is always fluctuant, but ultimately, decided by the exchange actions from players.
What leads to the fluctuation of AD Exchange?

Explaining the economy is always a complicate matter. Simply put, the rate will be down when there are some things interesting on Auction House that leads to large need of neverwinter astral diamonds, and be up when players chase lots of Zen for enchanted keys or new zen market items. Take a recent issue for example, after hours since new zen items and lockbox came out on xbox for Underdark on January 12, you could buy Zen for 119, while the typical rate is around 145-155. Why it happened? Personally, it was because people need AD to buy the axe beak mount or other items from AH and thus the zax exchange rate went down. As for the reason why the rate has only risen marginally or like in this case, even dropped when new lockbox out. I'm guessing that it’s mostly the whales that open a lot of on Xbox and the others buy what they sell on the AH, therefore driving the ZAX down...
How to earn benefits from exchanging currency?

As the rate always goes up or down, to earn benefits, you should stay tuned for good prices when attempting to trade between the two currencies. Additionally, take full advantage of low ZAX (low as 113 would be a good price) and buy some Zen with AD, then sell it again when the rate back up to, maybe 135. In a word, lower zen price would indicate that relatively more Zen is being converted to AD - people are willing to accept less AD, meaning that there is something interesting that is worth spending AD on....don’t convert your zen into ad unless you really need the item. Instead, buy zen at that time. Looking at the current situation, the rate will most likely rise in the weekend when more people will buy keys (probably with a 15% sale as well?), so just buy Zen and hoard!

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