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How to Throw a Themed Wedding

Press release   •   Mar 24, 2012 03:03 EDT

I've posting a lot on themed weddings lately, because most weddings do have a theme from ultra-specific Hunger Games-themed bashes to looser vintage-inspired ones.

1. Pick a Theme

Rather than listing off the most popular themes of Spring 2012, I'd like you and your fiance to brainstorm about meaningful hobbies and places. Was your first date at an ice cream parlor? How about an old fashioned soda fountain reception! No matter how ridiculous your theme sounds, remember that your wedding is about you and your fiance and it should reflect who you are as individuals and as a couple.

2. Pick out a Fun and Fitting Location

As more and more couples personalize their weddings, there's a lot more wedding venue options. In addition to hotels and golf resorts, people also get married on boats, in amusement parks, and renovated gas stations!

3. Decide on Unique Invitations

Nothing signals a themed wedding as much as a nifty invitation. Whether you want a formal wedding with a modern twist or a fabulously wacky experience, you can communicate it through your wedding invitation!

4. Brainstorm Favors and Decorations

As a seven time wedding attendee, I feel that the most memorable parts of weddings are often the favors and decor. They do a lot to set the mood of the wedding. When dreaming up favors and decorations, try to think out of the box. For instances, for a travel-inspired wedding, incorporate old maps, trunks, and ticket stubs into the table decor. Favors can be utilitarian from travel sets (fabulous for destination weddings) to fun, such as postcards with the postage included. And a pirate-themed wedding must have rum!

5. Pick out Music and Food

It's a well known secret that the path to your guests' hearts is through food and music selection. Nothing can kill a party faster than dull music. However, this doesn't mean that you can to stick to safe favorites. A unique wedding processional is one way to be memorable. Another is to incorporate your theme into the presentation of the food. For Harry Potter weddings, cream sodas aka butter beer is a must have. Roaring 20's needs at least one Old Fashioned cocktail.

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