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Press Release   •   Dec 14, 2015 03:08 EST

It’s that time again! The Winter Festival of Simril is going to hit Neverwinter from Dec 17 to Jan 7. With so many awesome things to expect from the Winter Festival, you might be kinda confused about what should focus on. Here Safewow would like to clear things up and give players some advices about what worth doing, and what should avoid to not wasting time.

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Focus on free gift and fortune in the winter festival

Gift-giving and surprises are two ways to spread the Simril spirit during the winter festival. Thus, don’t forget to park your characters at the festival and do the daily quests to win a free gift and a fortune. It will have timed events where you can compete with other players in certain activities, such as Icefishing, the sled race, and the demon slaying. Depending on how well you do you get stuff. You will get a daily wish/gift as well.
Also focus on Neverwinter's official media for information about login gifts. The gift has lots of nice stuff, including the gifts you open with others and the fortune gets you daily event currency. Every day visit the Starlight Giftmaster in Twilight Tor, you can get a Starlight Voucher, which entitles you to 1 free Starlight Parcel. From the starlight parcel, you can find a wide variety of prizes and obtain the chance for rarer items. Here also gives a general hint - more characters will yield more rewards because of the event structure, so be wise to stock up character slots to be able to claim as much daily Parcels as possible.

Never miss the brand new artifact - Beacon of Simril

The biggest addition of this winter festival in Neverwinter should be the brand-new Artifact Beacon of Simril. Thus, even if you are not going to be at home for the majority of the duration, try to grab the chance to get it within the limited time. After the?Masquerade, this seems to be?the second event that the develop team has recognized players are having trouble filling their slots and provided a chance to refine Artifact easier. Considering the length of the festival, plus there’s a Double RP weekend coming up Dec 31st to Jan 4th as well, Mythic quality could be in range

Activities in the winter festival appear to be changing quite a bit, so just stay tuned on the related information. You can get a lot rewards out of this event even if you only show up every day for a few minutes. Of course, cheap neverwinter astral diamonds for sale on Safewow will help you to enjoy this festival to the max!
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