If You Drive Less, Ask Your Insurance Company For Auto Insurance Low Mileage Discount

Press Release   •   Jan 11, 2018 02:25 EST

When you drive less, your chances of getting into an accident are reduced. And, so are the chances of your vehicle being vandalized or stolen. The insurance companies reward such infrequent drivers with auto insurance low mileage discount or usage-based discounts that reduce the insurance costs.


There are a number of people who do not drive much but pay a lot for their vehicle insurance. These include people who use public transport or cycle down to reach their work places. Then there are retired people who see a significant drop in their travel, car poolers that share cars to travel, secondary car owners who drive them only on weekends, and school going teenagers who are home for limited durations. In all such instances, the time spent behind the steering is quite less and makes for a good case for  car insurance low mileage. According to a survey report from Quadrant Information Services, people who clock less than 5000 miles a year pay over 8% lesser insurance premium costs when compared with people who clocked 15,000 miles or more a year. An average driver clocks about 13,500 miles a year.

Residents of California get the best car insurance for low mileage with discounts amounting to 16.5%, followed by Washington DC at 11.1%, Alaska at 11%, Alabama at 9.8%, and Alabama at 9.7%. This is partially due to the fact that there are far greater number of drivers on the roads in these states. On the other extreme of the spectrum is North Carolina, that gives no discount, probably due to rural driving on sparsely populated country roads.

If you drive less and want the best  low deposit auto insurance, inform your insurance company. You can benefit from car insurance discount for low mileage only if you inform your insurer, as they will not give you the discounts unless you ask them. A survey by Princeton Survey Research Associates finds that only 16% American drivers ask their insurance companies for auto insurance low mileage discount and only 18% drivers inform about the change in driving habits. 

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