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iMotion Video Rolls Out Low Cost, Live Actor, Announcer Style Promotional Video Services For Small Business

Press Release   •   Feb 06, 2011 03:38 EST

Orlando, Florida, United States 6th February, 2011 – Small business owners who are searching for top quality video production services will be glad to know that they now have the opportunity to get quality promotional videos without breaking the bank.

iMotion is pleased and proud to roll out their low cost, live actor, announcer style promotional video services for small business owners. This simply means that small business owners no longer have to spend colossal sums in order to get quality announcer style videos.

According to Jason Anderson, the CEO of iMotion and top Orlando video producer “We recently surpassed 1000 individual promotional video productions for our various small business clients in a vast variety of niche markets thanks, in part, to our low cost, high quality discount membership we offer to new clients”

It is very normal for many small business owners to consider producing their very own live actor promotional videos by simply following a step-step guide they found or bought on the internet. But it makes a lot of sense to take advantage of the services offered by a video production company like iMotion because they will not only produce videos that will put any home-made promotional videos to shame, but they have the experience and the expertise to ensure that the videos produced by them turn out excellent without charging the clients an arm or leg.

At the roll out of the iMotion “live actor” promotional videos productions, the CEO also said “keeping in tradition with our low cost model to attract new clients with our new "live actor" video productions, we've decided to test offer our "announcer" style add-on for less than $100 for a limited time to gain new market share”

5 Good Reasons to Take Advantage of iMotion low cost, live actor, announcer style promotional video services for small business:

1) All a small business owner needs to do is to provide a well written script to this Orlando video producer and expect to get a top quality video production services at a low cost.

2) Many people simply find announcer style videos very interesting.

3) According to studies, people tend to believe something a lot faster when they hear information said by someone else, than when they read the information themselves.

4) Small business owners can reach a much wider audience by using live actor promotional videos and thus, create their brand awareness…faster!

5) People share videos they like with their friends, family members and co-workers through social media websites such as MySpace, FaceBook etc. This will create the opportunity for small business owners to reach thousands of prospective clients without serious effort on their part.

In Mr. Anderson’s own words; “Small business owners on a shoe string budget can now have access to high impact, studio quality video promotions...often for less than if they tried to produce them on their own”

Why should one go through all the trouble of producing their own announcer style videos when they can get it done by a professional at a really great price?

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