Improve the Your Packhouse Traceability with Packhouse Software

Press release   •   Jun 21, 2011 04:24 EDT

<br>Packhouse traceability has become very important for HACCP, EuroGAP, GlobalGAP, BRC, and many other standards to ensure food safety.  Contemporary Packhouse management is virtually impossible without implementing <a href=""&gt;Packhouse Software</a>.  Packhouses that are considering implementation of Packhouse software to manage the day to day operations of the Packhouse should use the Packhouse software checklist to ensure the chosen Packhouse software delivers all required functionality:<br>
<br>Incoming produce data capture and recording <br>
<br>Fruit grading and sorting<br>
<br>Tracking of all movement and handling of the fresh produce in the Packhouse<br>
<br>Generation of barcodes used to identify the produce in the Packhouse<br>
<br>Management of batches that can allow multiple varieties and multiple suppliers (multiple farms produce can be packed in one batch, and traceability must be maintained)<br>
<br>Labeling of fresh produce on all levels, including labeling the consumer unit, individual piece of fruit, labeling retail units, labeling pallets, labeling shipping containers and export labeling requirements <br>
<br>Recall of produce from either end of the supply chain (one up , one down is now the MINIMUM level of traceability, so ask for two down from your Packhouse software vendor)<br>
<br>Ability to provide mobile management of inventory (for example scanning inventory into a  batch, or dispatching inventory by mobile device such as PDA or smartphone)<br>
<br>Full inventory and materials management including packaging materials<br>
<br>Analysis of KPI and business reporting <br>

<br>Tenacious Systems has developed a suite of Packhouse software solutions that ensures the efficient operations of the entire Packhouse using cutting edge business management tools.  <br>

<br>TSL Packhouse Management ERP is a revolution for Packhouse management in the fruit, vegetable, and grain industries; developed from a decade of research of packhouse management solutions.  <br>

<br>TSL Packhouse Management ERP concentrates on core industry challenges including traceability, cost monitoring & control, budgeting, reporting and KPL analysis, and resource and employee accountability.  The solution delivers real world benefits that other solutions can only elude to. <br>

<br>TSL Packhouse Management solution delivers a rapidly deployable and easily configured Packhouse management system at a competitive price with solid support & training partners in dozens of countries.  <br>

<br>Every Packhouse has its own priorities, challenges, and management priorities.  TSL understands this, that’s why we provide a comprehensive selection of solutions that are all included in the TSL Packhouse Management bundle.  Our clients pick and choose which modules they wish to implement, with no penalty for those innovative clients that wish to implement them all.  <br>

<br>Tenacious Systems has vowed to provide only the newest and most innovative products and packages for its clients. In spite of the fact that when the company was first created, in 2006, the packhouse software market was not as developed and extensive as it is today, Tenacious Systems has contributed to the evolution of the products available on this market. The solutions provided by Tenacious Systems are available in both online and offline versions. Try the software solutions offered by Tenacious Systems and your business will feel the benefits!
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