In-flight Wifi Market: North America is the leading region for the in flight internet through 2021

Press Release   •   Oct 15, 2016 06:23 EDT


The In-Flight Wifi services connect the on board passenger devices to the internet in the airplane during the flight. It is very helpful for constant connection for various activities using the Internet. The In-flight Wifi Market valued USD 2,493 million in 2015 and is poised to grow at a CAGR of 14.50% by 2021.

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Topics Covered in this Report:

Scope and Regional Forecast of the In-flight Wifi Market:

In the In-flight Wifi Market, go go wifi is one of the popular go go wireless services available in the airlines. Growth in commercial airlines to boost the scope for this market and number of commercial planes is expected to reach 40,020 by 2032.

In the In-flight Wifi Market, the service segment occupies around 62% of the market share of revenue and expected to be the highest through 2021. ATG technology has the largest market share in technology segment currently, but satellite segment is expected to have the highest growth in CAGR of 22.03% during 2015-2021.

North America is the leading region in the In-flight Wifi Market closely followed by Europe. Asia Pacific is expected to have rapid growth in this market through 2021.

The In-flight Wifi Market is a rapidly growing market with high utilization of inflight internet and airplane wifi services in the flight by the on board passengers to stay connected even during the journey. This market is expected to witness high growth owing to high investment for in flight internet by air internet providers, increasing demand for wifi airplane with wifi availability and wifi checker by passengers of the flight and growing adoption of airlines with wifi on board in airlines industry in various regions across the globe through 2021.

Segmentation and Key Players of the In-flight Wifi Market:

The In-flight Wifi Market is segmented into various categories by hardware, by services, by technology and by region as follows:

By hardware: Antenna, Wireless LAN, Access Point Controller Device, Wireless Hotspot Gateway and Other Hardware

By services: Integration and Implementation Services, Network Planning and Design, Support Services and Other Services

By technology: ATG (Air-to-Ground) Technology, Satellite Technology

By geography: North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and ROW

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The key players in the In-flight Wifi Market are as follows:

  • ViaSat, Inc.
  • Thales Group
  • SITA
  • Gogo, Inc.
  • Panasonics Avionics Corporation

The air wifi and internet services are increasingly getting popular with service providers such as gogoinflight or go go internet services by airline internet services for passengers through 2021.

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