Insurance Company Insures Itself against Bad Economy by Boosting its Business with Postcards

Press Release   •   Nov 20, 2010 14:59 EST

The overriding sentiment in today's economic condition is for businesses to protect themselves. Most companies attempt to achieve this by downsizing or cutting costs. Conventional, maybe, but that isn't the road M.E. Wilson Company took.

A high-end, nationwide insurance agency located in Tampa, FL, they decided to increase their marketing spend and launched a new postcard campaign with PostcardMania. As it turns out — it was a good idea.

"The response was immediate," said Luxury Home Insurance Expert Sharon Trautewig. "We immediately got phone calls the first day it was received in the mail, and the first phone call paid for the entire campaign."

Sharon went on to say the campaign produced 12-14 new clients for the company and the lifetime value of those customers brought her return on investment for the campaign to around 19,000%. And yes, all those zeros should be there.

When asked if the response M.E. Wilson received was out of the ordinary, Founder and CEO of PostcardMania, Joy Gendusa, was ready with a response.

"Nope," she said decisively, and continued, "Obviously, no two businesses are the same, which is why we tailor each campaign to fit that business' needs. But no, those results are achieved around here all the time, and we're excited that M.E. Wilson was able to experience them so quickly."

According to PostcardMania, M.E. Wilson is one of many new clients they have coming in from the insurance industry, which just goes to show that even an insurance company needs a little insurance these days.

About M.E. Wilson Company:

M.E. Wilson Co. is a luxury home insurance company headquartered in Tampa, FL. They have been serving clients nationwide for over 90 years.

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