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Integrity Defender Suggests Tips to Protect Your Personal Information Online

Press Release   •   Oct 25, 2010 14:55 EDT

With more and more day-to-day purchases being handled online, it’s becoming increasingly hard not to share your passwords, bank account numbers, credit card numbers, and other personal information. Integrity Defender offers this short list of tips to help internet users protect their personal data online.

Be Sure to keep your personal data off your computer – Keep your bank account numbers, passwords, and other personal information off of your computer. If there is no data to steal on your computer, then you’ve already done a lot to prevent data theft!

Avoid saving credit card information on shopping websites – Many web sites give you the option to save your credit card info so that you don’t have to type in all the information each time you want to buy something. It might take an extra minute, but it’s better to not save your info on any shopping site.

Do not use the same password for all of your internet accounts. If a hacker figures out one password, they’ll go ahead and try to see if it works on any other site you might be a member of. Make sure passwords are different and more complicated. "Simply adding a number or symbol at the end of a password will make it much harder for a person to crack your password", says a representative from Integrity Defender.

Always think before providing information when solicited. If you ever get an email that has a link in it that requires personal information, make sure you go to the web site manually by typing in the address. Often times links in emails point to fake addresses with very close names.

Only connect to secure wireless networks. If you have a home wireless network, secure it as soon as possible.

Clear your browser’s cache after an online transaction. Sometimes your browser will save certain information you typed into forms when you are online.

Integrity Defender Suggests: "Don’t be afraid of the Internet, it’s a great way to make your life easier and can be a safe place as long as you follow some simple rules."

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