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IntelliTec College Invites Smoking Students to “Kick Some Butts” in 2013

Press Release   •   Feb 12, 2013 20:31 EST

Grand Junction, Colorado – IntelliTec College has recently initiated their first ever “quit smoking” campaign to promote student enhancement in 2013. A new year means new resolutions and new opportunities for students to better themselves. For 24 weeks, IntelliTec will educate students about the effects of smoking by inviting guest speakers, sharing student success stories and providing information from health experts.

IntelliTec College wants its students to know that there is never a better time than now to make the commitment to quit smoking; it just might save their lives.

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The “Lets Kick Some Butts” campaign will last four terms. The first term will introduce IntelliTec College’s effort to encourage its students to quit smoking. The second term will focus on the health impacts of smoking. The third term will cover the financial implications of a smoking habit. Finally, the fourth term will reveal the impact smoking has on employment opportunities.

Throughout the campaign, Dean of Students Shelby Maloney will add to a “quit smoking” display wall to include testimonials from staff and students who have quit, or are trying to quit, smoking. The goal of the wall is to offer information about the dangers of smoking and to support those who may need it. In addition to the display wall, the “quit smoking” campaign will be accomplished with guest speakers and encouragement from peers.

Maloney is requesting volunteers who have either “already quit smoking or are willing to try and quit now” to go to the campus’ front desk and fill out a “Reasons for Kicking Some BUTT” card”. Their stories will be added to the display wall in order to inspire others to seek out their own success.


Shelby Maloney, Dean of Students
IntelliTec College in Grand Junction


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