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Press Release   •   Nov 25, 2010 11:19 EST

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Cred Advise, Inc. is a financial services company with a goal to help
create financial stability. It is a culmination of expertise in the fields
of debt management, residential lending, commercial lending, and
economic forecasting. As the leaders in default service solutions
Cred Advise is unique in its ability to offer a turn-key solution for
a wide diversification of financial products and services, enabling
clients access to a more personalized plan to both recovery and

Cred Advise has recognized a need to address the issues facing the
economic stability in regards to business trends and real estate value
declines. Investors and commercial brokers are faced with declining
values and an unmanageable debt load with no clear answer or

In the current state of the economy, commercial property owners
are defaulting on their notes. Over the next 3-4 years a tremendous
amount of commercial notes are coming due, but for the first time a
large scale of property owners unlike ever before are in a position
where they cannot pay the balloon payment nor refinance. Whether
the problem is a less than perfect credit score, a lack of funds to
pay the note in its entirety when the balloon payment is due, or an
underwater mortgage, commercial property owners are at risk of
defaulting or foreclosing.

The good news is Cred Advise has the experience and knowledge to
rescue commercial real estate from experiencing the same downturn
we saw in the residential market in recent years by taking a proactive

approach, working with lenders on the behalf of property owners. The
FDIC is encouraging lenders to work with experts like Cred Advise
since the lenders typically have little to no experience in developing
work outs that are fair and sustainable.

Cred Advise, Inc. offers the advantage of having relationships with
the top mitigation contacts at each lender, enabling faster, superior
results. Property owners need proven strategies that work. Cred
Advise has successfuly restructured hundreds of deals, getting
results that are extraordinary with respect to commercial lending. The
commercial loan restructure (clr) starts with a free prequalification,
which includes a new term proposal to show the projected outcome
from the negotiation process.

The restructure process includes an audit and analysis. A vivid
picture is created to show the lender why a modification is necessary
and beneficial for themselves and the borrower. Additionally, unlike
an attorney retainer that is billed by the hour, Cred Advise, Inc. offers
a commercial loan restructure that is 100% refundable in an instance
a restructure is not completed. That’s because Cred Advise has a
97% success ratio upon successful prequalification.

Via the commercial loan restructure program Cred Advise can help
apportion cost and overhead for commercial property by reducing
interest rates, granting a forebearance or interest only period,
extending terms and amortization, and bringing arrears to the back
end of the principle balance to bring the note current.

Cred Advise’s proven method transforms underperforming properties
into income producing businesses. By lowering the monthly mortgage
payments, rent can be lowered to become more competitive in
today’s market, which increases the occupancy rates.

Cred Advise, Inc. has a myriad of fresh financial solutions that
specifically cater to the needs of today’s commercial property owners.
By recognizing the economic trends Cred Advise is at the cutting
edge of creative and alternative financing and debt solutions.

For more information on commercial loan restructures, other default
service solutions, or to arrange an interview with the leaders of

Cred Advise, Inc. team, please contact Michael Carbonara at
518.288.3560 or via email at



Michael Carbonara
Cred Advise, Inc.