Introducing Shazam Lite

Press Release   •   Oct 06, 2016 07:27 EDT

(LONDON) October 6, 2016 — Shazam, one of the world’s most popular apps, today announced the launch of Shazam Lite on Android. With a highly optimized size of less than 1MB and utilizing as little data as possible, Shazam Lite has a small footprint while still providing a simple, high-quality music discovery experience.

Shazam Lite is part of the company’s commitment to deliver its products to all smartphone users around the world - regardless of device limitations or network coverage. Fans of the app in these regions will now be able to Shazam and share the music they love without facing storage or connectivity issues.

The Lite app's functionality includes the ability for users to Shazam music while offline and save their most recent results. Shazam developed the app specifically to support fans of Shazam with smartphones who might have low memory or limited connectivity.

“We're focused on providing Shazam in areas where connectivity is poor and available devices may be limited,” said Iordanis Giannakakis, Head of Android Engineering at Shazam. “Shazam Lite was built from the ground up with listeners from these regions in mind and it aims to bring the core, ‘magic’ Shazam experience to them.”

Starting today, Shazam Lite will be available in India, Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines and Nigeria in English language, and in Spanish in Venezuela, for free, on devices running Android 2.3 and above.

The lite app is available for download at Google Play

About Shazam

Shazam is one of the world’s most popular apps, used by hundreds of millions of people each month to magically connect to the world around them. Building on its pioneering leadership in music identification, Shazam now helps people discover, interact with, and share video, audio, or printed content on TV, radio, movie screens, magazines, newspapers, packaged goods, and retail stores-- and now Shazam lets music fans follow their favorite artists to see their Shazams and share in the thrill of discovery. The app has been downloaded over 1 billion times and has exceeded 30 billion total Shazams since its launch, and users Shazam over 20 million times each day. For more information on how Shazam has created new technology tools for brands to utilize data, visit