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IPHost Network Monitor – Versatile and Complete SNMP Monitoring and Management Solution for SMB

Press Release   •   Jun 08, 2012 03:05 EDT

Novosibirsk, June 7, 2012 – IPHostMonitor Inc., the developer of reliable monitoring tools, announces a new release of IPHost Network Monitor, a robust network and server monitoring tool designed for uptime and performance monitoring of corporate web, mail, database, and other servers, network services and equipment, web sites and web applications. This release includes considerably extended collection of SNMP MIBs, mostly for monitoring of various types of Cisco equipment.
Even a small company can lose hundreds of dollars per hour when their network is down. IPHost Network Monitor provides SMB (Small and Medium Businesses) customers with an affordable, complete and easy to use tool for network administrators, supporting industry standard SNMP and WMI monitoring along with many other monitors. The software ensures timely alerting on problems with helpful information to recover systems from downtime quickly.
This software provides Remote Network Agent functionality that is a vital part of monitoring solution for companies with several networks to monitor and for managed service providers (MSP) that need to monitor their customers’ networks and servers. IPHost Network Monitor provides a solution for MSP to monitor dozens or even hundreds of customer networks from a single central point. IP services, Unix/Linux and Windows server infrastructure, firewalls, routers and LANs can be monitored from a single monitoring site.

About IPHost Network Monitor
IPHost Network Monitor helps network administrators ensure trouble-free operation and smooth performance of local and wide area network resources by performing end-to-end monitoring of Web servers, remote applications and databases. The ability to record and simulate real user activity (Web Transaction Monitor) allows ensuring trouble-free operation of complex Web sites, social networks, applications, Web storefronts and e-commerce sites.
The Remote Network Agent feature allows administrators to monitor all types of resources supported by IPHost Network Monitor just as if they were located in the network of main installation. Automatic discovery of monitors in remote networks is also supported.
IPHost Network Monitor performs a variety of checks from basic connectivity (ping, TCP and UDP checks) to SNMP v1/v2/v3 for monitoring Unix/Linux networks and network equipment and WMI for Windows-centric environment. It can check the performance of Web pages and applications, remote databases, Web and mail services among other things. Internet monitor supports HTTPS, POST requests, connection via proxy, several authentication methods (including NTLM) and response validation, whereas some of the high-priced tools do not even support HTTPS, not to mention authentication. IPHost Network Monitor can execute a remote script or binary application via SSH. The SNMP browser with support of MIB import allows easy selection of SNMP variables to monitor.
Quick discovery of IP-based network services on devices in your network and automatic start of monitoring with thoroughly devised settings for each monitor. It helps administrator to start monitoring in a few minutes and to complete monitoring configuration in a matter of hours not days thus saving administrator time.
In case of performance bottlenecks or downtimes, IPHost Network Monitor alerts network administrators via one or more notification methods, and can attempt to automatically resolve the issue by executing a pre-defined script or binary on the affected server. The network monitoring tool can send an email or a text message (SMS) on a mobile phone, or post an instant notification to ICQ, Jabber, or AOL IM messengers.

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