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Is Quick Weight Loss A Farce Or Reality?

Press Release   •   Aug 15, 2012 04:10 EDT

This is what some publications and articles say about quick weight loss products:

A good number of products or programs associated with dieting present an instant fix but the truth is there is no instant solution for losing weight. Responsible organizations, individuals as well as government agencies have already served warnings against excessive costs or false claims about magic pills or foods which are only meant to deceive consumers.

Weight Loss Product Formulas
Many powdered formulas are normally prescribed to be mixed with either a glass of water or milk and taken as substitute for at least one full meal. Individuals, who drink these concoctions, tend to feel famished and recover lost weight after giving up these beverages. These artificial diet techniques may not be healthy because users avoid eating healthy food.

Meanwhile, diet pills can have side effects and may not be advisable for long-term weight loss. On the other hand, over-the-counter tablets usually contain a substance which controls appetite. It is said to increase the risk of suffering heart stroke. Capsules with ephedrine can also lead to severe side effects that include vertigo, high blood pressure or fast heart beat, chest pains, heart attacks, strokes, and death. The Food and Drug Administration may issue a ban on the use of ephedrine for dietary medications and supplements.

Instant Weight Reduction
Many commercial advertisements hype that people are capable of losing 10 pounds in just 10 Days! It further asserts that you can eat all the food that you want and still shed off extra pounds. If you will believe these advertisements, immediate weight loss can be achieved with just a click of the finger. Trendy diets and supplements promise a slender body in almost no time. It was learned that people spend more than $30 billion annually on weight loss supplements.

The questions that crop up are:
Are these quick weight loss products really effective and safe?

What are the hazards involved?

What is the truth about rapid weight loss?

Now look at the following highly popular trends in losing weight:

  • Starvation or “master cleansing” regimen using water, juice, syrups and other ingredients
  • Diets that are very low in calories
  • Pills and Supplements’
  • Gadgets, Creams and other magic charms

Essential Fats about Quick Weight Loss

Government agencies like the Food and Drug Administration do not regulate over-the-counter commodities that claim to facilitate losing weight or fighting obesity. So, marketing people employed by manufactures of this merchandise can always maintain that their supplements or gods are effective even without any proof or research to back up their allegations.

There are grave risks that some medical experts have confirmed such as:

  • Malnutrition due to deficiency in protein.
  • Dehydration that can be avoided by drinking plenty of water and other liquids
  • Gallstones which have been confirmed as happening to almost 25 percent of people who lose weight significantly.
  • Electronic imbalances that fortunately is not lethal.

Some minor side effects are also bound to happen such as headaches, tiredness and irritability. With these given facts, it is now up to you to decide if quick weight loss products are still beneficial. A leader in the health and beauty industry for 30 years, Sunrider International formulates and manufactures natural health herbs and over 400 herbal-based products in Los Angeles, California. Learn more about quick weight loss products