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Isakov Planning Group Launches New ProActive Retirement Planning Approach

Press Release   •   Feb 23, 2011 17:25 EST

Isakov Planning Group, one of the premiere global financial services firms in New York City, has launched its new ProActive Retirement Framework, which is a comprehensive retirement approach intended to help clients clearly identify, clarify, and prioritize their retirement objectives, assess risks, and develop a multi-layered plan to help meet their retirement goals.

To tackle both the challenges and the opportunities of retirement head-on, it is essential for investors to take a more comprehensive approach, especially since we have seen first-hand how an economic downturn can take a toll on their retirement funds. In response, Isakov Planning Group has launched its new Proactive Retirement Framework. This comprehensive approach to retirement thinking takes into consideration your full financial picture, measuring your risk tolerance, carefully mapping out your retirement income goals and maintaining an asset allocation that can better produce the kind of income and returns you need. The new Framework aims to allocate your retirement assets into several distinct portfolios - each designed with a different investment strategy and each designed to hedge against a specific set of risks. "Our greatest value to clients is that we use their anticipated lifestyles as the blueprint for prioritizing their retirement objectives while assessing the risks that can throw their investments off track and then developing a solution that fits their unique circumstances," notes Yulian Isakov Managing Partner and Senior Investment Strategist for Isakov Planning Group Global Wealth Management. “This new approach has become widely popular among our clients, because it provides them with the peace of mind that their hard earned retirement money is being carefully looked after,” says Yulian. Because planning for retirement is a dynamic process and clients' needs change from time to time, a major step in the Framework involves regular check-ins with a financial advisor to review and re-evaluate our client’s portfolios to ensure that they, at any given time, are positioned to achieve a confident, secure, and sustainable retirement.

Isakov Planning Group financial advisors bring industry leading resources and expertise to help clients pursue and achieve their goals. Along with expert market analysis from the firm's top investment managers, your Isakov Planning Group financial advisor will work with you to develop and deliver tailored solutions that can help you get on track and ultimately achieve your most important objectives, whether you're looking to plan for retirement, build tax-free wealth, get your kid's through college, or build a lasting legacy for your family.

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