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Press Release   •   Jul 05, 2010 18:26 EDT

Jay Faires served as President of Music at Lionsgate from 2005 til 2010 and now serves as a consultant for the company. Prior to Lionsgate, Faires created and built Mammoth Records, culminating with the labels sale to The Walt Disney Company for $25 million - a greater than 40x return on investment. Simultaneously, Faires built his publishing company Baby New Year, which sold to Lionsgate for 15x the prior three year average NPS. In his five years at Lionsgate, he has tripled the value of Lionsgate's music catalog.

Additionally, the last five years, Faires oversaw all creative aspects of the music for Lionsgate's Film and TV slate, working closely with Oscar- and Grammy-winning talent such as Mary J Blige on Precious, T-Bone Burnett on the TV series Tough Trade, U2 on Brothers and Oscar-nominated composers and songwriters such as Marco Beltrami on 3:10 to Yuma and Bird York on Crash.

Prior to Lionsgate, Faires built his businesses Mammoth Records and BNYMusic. He created Mammoth from scratch outside of the musical epicenters of LA, NY and Nashville. Selling nearly 100 million dollars worth of recorded music, he had the only alternative independent label before 2006 to take two artists platinum in Seven Mary Three and the Squirrel  Nut Zippers. After placing 3 acts in the top 3 of MTV's charts, he sold the label to The Walt Disney Company for 40 times its initial investment and continues to work closely with key Mammoth acts. Shortly after, he executive produced Free Tibet in conjunction with the Beastie, featuring such iconic acts as Red Hot Chili Peppers and Rage Against the Machine. Faires then went on to build BNYMusic, constructed on the backbone of the Mammoth copyrights, prior to its sale to Lionsgate.

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