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Jessica Chaz debuts captivating vocals in new "Cali" single

Press Release   •   Dec 22, 2015 14:14 EST

Los Angeles, CA -- Emerging vocalist and musician Jessica Chaz has announced the release of her first single entitled "Cali." Co-written alongside fellow songwriter and sister Vanessa Moodley, "Cali" is a soulfully-infused tune that captures the hopeful essence of a talented and ambitious performing artist. To hear the new record visit - "Cali" is also available on iTunes

A native of the coastal city of Durban in South Africa, her musical influences stem from classic rock and pop, to R&B and jazz. Working to inspire others through her musical offerings, Jessica’s sophisticated vocals and genuine songwriting ability are easily noticed in each song that she creates. A recent review of "Cali" from writer and editor Pippy Rose noted the debut effort as "a powerfully evocative single."

Arranged by Burton Naidoo, "Cali" was recorded in Durban at The Audio Suite Studio. After relocating from her hometown of Durban, South Africa to Canada with her family, the young musician was inspired to write. Jessica explains the inspiration behind the new record:

"The song is about holding on during the process of achieving your dreams," she says. "Sometimes the wait is long, but that doesn't mean you’re not on your way....You will get there someday."

When asked about how music compelled her to write her own songs she says:

"I found it the easiest thing in the world to sing; while growing up, I would hear people say, you have a unique tone - sharing my music with others feels right, it's what feels natural to me. This song was written from a place of hope; I think that we all know what it feels like to have days that are hard to get through; this song reminds me to have faith when I can't see, to remember I'm in for the long game, that the best dreams are worth the wait."

Now with one single under her belt, Jessica plans to put the finishing touches on her debut EP and ready it for release in early 2016. For more information on Jessica Chaz, please visit:

Jessica Chaz

Jessica Chaz is a performing artist with a unique vocal talent. A Vancouver beauty who grew up in Durban, South Africa, Jessica loved to sing harmonies to ads on the TV as a child. Throughout primary school she tried out different instruments always interested in the groove and beat behind the music. She joined the youth band at church in her early teens but didn't take music seriously until she found herself finishing high school earlier than her peers. She explains, "I found it the easiest thing in the world to sing while growing up, and I would hear people say that I had a unique tone, so I kind of fell into it".

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