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Press Release   •   Nov 01, 2011 05:49 EDT

Jukebox software is easily available for different operating systems, and it is not necessary that it is always a freeware. There are different jukebox software available, some of which have hard-coded built-in functions. What you as a buyer or user need is a highly configurable jukebox application that is fully featured. You may need jukebox software for your media center, home game room, kitchen, or for some other purpose. You may also need commercial jukebox software. Whatever you choose has to be right for you and your choice of jukebox software should be such that it has controls that are easy to use. Make sure the software functions fine.

Jukebox Jockey is the most preferred jukebox software and it comes with Jockey media player Pro. The best part about this software is its mysterious ability to display karaoke media, music and music videos in evocative ways. The best features of the software are configurable view definitions, random play filters, advanced media care and user customization.

Nothing compares to Jukebox Jockey media player Pro. The software can be used with help of a mouse and keyboard, and it is also optimized for touchscreen enabled PCs. The software scans the media library and the media is displayed in a format which is easy to read. You can browse the media in different ways and flick around the screen to select. Once the media has been selected, you can easily add selected videos, karaoke media and audios to the queue. The software has a unique new management function, which keeps moving the songs around so that flow of the event is not obstructed. The internal player of the software is quite powerful, and its capacity to mix and play video, audio and karaoke files consecutively makes it popular.

Jukebox Jockey is perfect for any event and your guests may not even realize that it is not a disk jockey or DJ was playing music. Random play filters are easy to be made from anything that is available for view like decades, artists, dreams, playlists, and so on. The software also makes sure that the music is played non-stop. In fact, the jukebox can also be programmed ahead of time. This can be done by making use of any online playlist builders.

The built in player does everything from managing karaoke, music and video files to intelligently cross fading music and karaoke. Jukebox Jockey is self-sufficient software and you do not need to install Karaoke Software, Video Jukebox, Karaoke Machine, DJ software or any other disc jockey application. This jukebox software is actually worth trying!

You can find dynamic feature set for Jukeboxes, Disc Jockeys, and Karaoke Hosts at Jukeboxjockey.com. Jukebox jockey multifunctional jukebox software that is perfect for parties, functions, venues, or for personal enjoyment.

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