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Press Release   •   Jan 15, 2016 02:57 EST

Packs are often considered treasure chests of their own, as they contain numerous items that will aid you in your adventures across Neverwinter. Due to this, we’ve decided to hold an epic 15% pack sale this weekend for all our Xbox One adventurers!

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The pack sale commences: Thursday, January 14 at 10AM PT (Pacific)

The pack sale ends: Monday, January 18 at 10AM PT (Pacific)

If you’re wondering what kinds of packs are on sale and what they may hold, we’re here to help out!

Champion of the North Pack
Heirloom Pack
Inscribed Garments
Knight of the Feywild Pack
Adventurer’s Help Pack
Hunter Ranger Booster Pack
Oathbound Paladin Booster Pack
Scourge Warlock Booster Pack
Dragonborn Legend Pack

Champion of the North Pack - The Champion of the North Pack contains treasures for diehard Forgotten Realms fans. Complete with the Menzoberranzan Renegade race and Heavy Giant Spider Mount, it’s the perfect choice for those wanting to live out their Forgotten Realms fantasy.
Heirloom Pack - The Heirloom Pack contains precious items that have been passed down through many generations. Luckily, they can be yours and grant you the power sealed within them.
Inscribed Garments - These class appropriate garments are enchanted to grant a total of an extra 20% experience gained when worn together and their stats scale appropriately with your level.
Knight of the Feywild - This pack features the exclusive Moon Elf race, the majestic Dawn Unicorn and the Sylph companion. Click on the Logo to learn more about the pack.
Adventurer’s Helper Pack – A sack of assorted Skill Kits, Identification Scrolls and other valuable tools for a busy adventurer.
Hunter Ranger Booster - The Hunter Ranger Booster Pack is perfect for both new and veteran players who are looking to create a Hunter Ranger! This pack can only be purchased once. Have a loyal Hunting Hawk and “Master of the Savage Wild” title to show off to all your friends.
Oathbound Paladin Booster - Everything a new Oathbound Paladin needs and more: a Dedicated Squire Companion, Paladin’s Blessed Armaments and other righteous items.
Dragonborn Legend - Unleash the power of the Dragonborn and become a Legend in Neverwinter with the Dragonborn Pack! The Dragonborn Legend Pack contains exclusive access to the Dragonborn race and many items to aid you on your adventures. Prepare to battle Dragons with new artifacts, enchants and unique items specifically crafted for Dragon Slaying.
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