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Kids Apps for Nook Color? Absolutely!

Press release   •   Dec 28, 2011 13:40 EST

The new Nook Color my be the serious readers’ choice but what about his or her kids? After all, they are the serious readers of tomorrow. Why not introduce them to reading and the Nook Color already as kids? Not a bad idea says Happi Papi, a kids app development company out of Sarasota, Florida.

Happi Papi, founded as recently as this year, has already had two hit apps on the Apple App Store, both of which have apps been featured by Apple. Even though we are doing very well for a small company on the Apple App Store and could easily justify focusing on that platform alone, we want our apps to be present on all major platforms, says Patrick Larson, co-founder of Happi Papi.

A few months ago we released one of our apps on the Android platform and the Amazon App Store. Some of our developer friends wondered why we were using our limited resources on Android when there were more money to be made on the Apple App Store, continues Patrick Larson.

At that time it was hard to convince anybody of what we were doing from purely a business perspective. We didn’t really care, though, since we made a pledge to ourselves to make our apps available on all major operating systems, says Patrick Larson. He continues; that all changed, however with the release of the Kindle Fire. Since then, we have seen days when our single version of Happi Reads for the Kindle Fire has outsold all our 27 releases on the Apple App Store combined.

Being present with its apps on the Nook Color wasn’t firstly about the money for Happi Papi. But after seeing what happened to sales when the Kindle Fire was released, those long hours making the game didn’t feel as long anymore, says Jens Ode the other co-founder of Happi Papi and the one in charge of building the games.

The Nook Color is at least as good of a device as the Kindle Fire. There is no reason why our two games, Happi Reads and Happi Spells, on the Nook Color platform shouldn’t be as successful as its Amazon siblings, concludes Jens Ode.

Happi Papi is a US - Swedish joint venture created by Patrick Larson and Jens Ode from WannaPlay, Europe's first DVD-game Studio. We are two dads who believe it is possible to create quality apps for kids in a profitable way without the use of in-app ads, links and purchases. Our apps will always be free of tricks and gimmicks and will always be easy and rewarding to play.

Happi Papi specializes in "Edutainment" apps for kids. When using our apps, children between the age of 2-8 will always learn something about the world around them in a safe and fun playing environment. Play and learn is our motto and what kids do best.

If you would like to get in touch with us you can do so at www.happipapi.com, by email at info@happipapi.com or via Twitter @happi_papi.