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Know The Truth about Herbs

Press Release   •   Aug 15, 2012 06:41 EDT

California herbs remain popular but people should understand that these botanical products can be used more as cooking ingredients that will make your dishes more sumptuous and aromatic. The truth is herbs and spices have been described as nature’s precious gift to mankind. These herbs should be recognized as supplements that are not meant to be medicinal solutions but support for physical conditioning and possible weight reduction programs.

Good Aspects of Herbs
One of the good sides of herbs is the absence of artificial and chemical substances that can cause harm to people. Herbs will not cure sicknesses but enhance the body due to natural components. Regulatory agencies have already issued respective guidelines regarding herbal supplements and these include California herbs. In short, consumers will have to distinguish the real properties of herbs and what these products can do for people.

Herbs have not been proven scientifically to treat diseases. In certain cases, herbal products can even cause allergic reactions. So, before you take in any supplements derived from herbs, it is important to study labels and instructions carefully. Traditional medicines may also cause allergic reactions but because of prescriptions, the chances of allergies become less.

Since the government does not formally approve of herbal medications, you consume these at your own risk. The Food and Drug Administration regulates these as foods and not as medicines. It means that herbal supplements are not classified under the Good Manufacturing Practices and do not conform to the same standards as prescription drugs and other over-the-counter medicines.

Facts about Herbs
When you purchase dried California herbs in volume, it is important to know that these are placed in metal crates, cartons, bottles, jars, cellophane packages and ceramic containers. These preserved or dried herbs have a more potent and concentrated flavor than fresh herbs although these tend to lose their potency quickly. Herbs are said to have a pleasant scent that draws the attention of birds, bees and butterflies. There are some such as lilac flowers which can be made into soap lather. On the other hand, the sagebrush grows up to as tall as 1.22 meters. It is capable of warding off various pests and moths.

While herbs are described as natural, it does not automatically mean that these may not have harmful effects so it is always important to seek the advice of medical experts for risks and interactions. The ingredients have not been tested even if there is a continuous effort to identify and assess the capabilities of these products. Resear4ch is being undertaken by the United States National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

Nonetheless, you always need to be wary of the contents even if product labels indicate the words standardized, verified or certified. In fact, research shows that some supplements were discovered to be tainted with microorganisms and metal substances. Lastly, be cautious about websites that build up herbal supplements as having extraordinary effects. The US government has also been very strict with companies that try to mislead consumers about these things.

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