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KonFiiDent announces new single and video, "Schemin"

Press release   •   Jul 15, 2016 12:30 EDT

Los Angeles, CA - In this hot new single from KonFiiDent, the Toronto-based rapper delves into the topics of envy and jealousy as he lays the bars in "Schemin." Scheduled to be released on Tuesday, July 19th the song will also be accompanied by a music video that will drop the same day on Youtube.

On the 19th, fans can stream/listen to "Schemin" by visiting KonFiiDent’s Soundcloud page at The single will also be available for download on iTunes.

The emerging rap artist brings another fresh perspective to the hip hop game with his catchy lyrical content and stylish mix of music. As he rhymes in "Schemin" - a title certainly fit for reality, you can see why KonFiiDent’s self-assured manner will shoot him straight to the top. Laced with enough appeal to satisfy both the r&b and hip hop crowds, the new record is a bouncy hit that perfectly highlights the Toronto rapper’s untapped potential.

In the music video, KonFiiDent takes us through the all too familiar scenario of perhaps the broken lines of communication within a relationship which ultimately leads to an unfortunate break up. But, to take it a bit further, the mysterious plot in the video unveils a more dramatic ending. Be sure to check out "Schemin" and be on the look out for more new music from KonFiiDent this fall.

About KonFiiDent

Tobi Sosanya born (August 09, 1994) better known by his stage name KonFiiDent was born in Nigeria and later moved to Canada in 2003. As a youth he was exposed to various types of music such as Hip-Hop, R&B, and Jazz. By the age of 11, Tobi began to write songs and record music at home with a computer microphone. Growing up the "What You Know About Love" artist took lots of criticism for his music and he had to continue to prove his naysayers wrong. It would take more than some silly haters to stop KonFiiDent’s drive and determination; he kept pushing out music because he knew one day he would be recognized as a major artist.

Official Twitter: @konfiident

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