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Press Release   •   Nov 13, 2010 12:44 EST

Do you experience difficulty in reading words or seeing things even if they are close? Perhaps you have a myopic eye. This condition is commonly referred to as nearsightedness. On the other hand, people who can see things clearly at a distant but having trouble seeing things which are near may have hyperopic eye. This condition is commonly referred to as farsightedness. Both conditions greatly affect one’s life in terms of personal and career aspects. Through out the years, many ways have been devised to correct these 2 eye conditions as well as other less common ones.

The first method to be used to correct vision problems was glass lenses. These lenses are still used even today. Later on, a more convenient method was developed- contact lenses. Although contact lenses provide more comfort and convenience than the traditional glass lenses, it is still a hassle to wear them everyday. Finally, a method which eliminates any type of discomfort was developed- LASIK Surgery.

LASIK which stands for Laser- assisted in situ keratomileusis is a type of refractive surgery to treat several eye conditions. This operation is now available in most eye institutions such as Progressive Eye Care in Minneapolis. Among these conditions are: myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. LASIK surgery is proven to be safe and effective. In fact, it is the more recommended alternative to wearing soft contact lenses and corrective eyeglasses. However, not everyone is eligible for LASIK surgery. This type of treatment is given to people ages 18 and above. Furthermore, elderly individuals should undergo other procedures to determine whether they are fit for the procedure.

Luckily, Progressive Eye Care provides free eye examination for people interested in getting a LASIK eye surgery. Progressive Eye Care is an optic health institution located in 14655 Galaxie Avenue Apple Valley, MN 55124 USA. Interested individuals can call 888- 238 -9784 and look for Ms. Janet.

Refractive errors can be very debilitating. It can greatly affect one’s performance whether in school or at work. Contact lenses and eyeglasses may work for you. But they can only provide a temporary solution. The moment you remove them, you will once again suffer from the effects of refractive errors. LASIK surgery can provide a long term solution to these problems. You will never have to depend on glasses or contact lenses again. You won’t have a difficult time in the morning reaching your glasses or trying to wear your contact lenses.

With the amazing effects of LASIK Surgery, you can enjoy the perfect vision you once had. For inquiries regarding the free eye exam, questions can be forwarded to A company agent shall address your questions as soon as possible. It is never too late to apply for a LASIK eye surgery. Preparing for the surgery may take a lot of time and effort. Give Progressive Eye Care a call now so that you can schedule an appointment for the free eye exam. You can then give them a visit in their company in Minneapolis to know whether you are eligible or not. Once you are deemed eligible and fit for the LASIK eye surgery, you can now start with the preparations.

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