Latin America Polyolefin Industry Scenario, 2015 - 2020

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Latin America Polyolefins Market

Polyolefins is the collective description for plastics types that include polyethylene, namely:

  • •Low-density polyethylene (LDPE)
  • •Linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE)
  • •High-density polyethylene (HDPE)
  • •Polypropylene (PP)

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The packaging industry majorly contributed to the overall market revenue in 2014 and is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 3.3% during the forecast period of 2015 to 2020. The Polyolefins market has been segmented by type, process, application, and geography.

Their many applications include:

  • •LDPE: Shrink film, carrier bags, and heavy duty refuse bags.
  • •LLDPE: Stretch film, industrial packaging film, thin walled containers, and heavy-duty, medium and small bags.
  • •HDPE: Crates and boxes, bottles (for food products, detergents, cosmetics), food containers, industrial wrapping, carrier bags and drums for food, drinks and chemicals.
  • •PP: Food packaging, including yoghurt and margarine tubs, sweet and snack wrappers.

Increase in the Infrastructure investments along with escalating growth in the urban housing sector to boost the Polyolefins market demand

The main factor owing to the growth of the Polyolefins industry in Latin America is the increase in the Infrastructure investments along with escalating growth of the packaging sector, which is estimated to double over the next five years. On other hand, with the advancement of living standard in the society and increased spending capacity, consumer goods which see major applications of Polyolefins, are also estimated to contribute a sizeable share in terms of revenue. In terms of products in this market, polyethylene based products have dominated the market followed by polypropylene. The polyolefin market share in terms of revenues is majorly contributed by polyethylene, around 70% of the total market revenues.

The overall Polyolefins market is presented from the Latin American geographic perspective, including the key economies and other regions as well. The major countries profiled in this report are Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Peru and Chile.

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Competitive landscape for industry and market players are profiled with attributes of company overview, financial overview, business strategies, product portfolio and recent developments. The key players profiled in this report include Braskem S.A., Borealis AG, Petróleos Mexicanos S.A. De C.V., The Dow Chemical Co. among others.

Table of Contents in Brief:

1. Latin America – Regional Snapshot

2. Latin America Polyolefin Industry Scenario

2.1. Polyolefin Demand – Comparative Analysis

2.2. Polyolefin Production – Comparative Analysis

2.3. Polyolefin By Type Demand Scenario

3. Latin America Polyolefin Market, By Type

3.1. Polyethylene

3.2. Polypropylene

4. Latin America Polyolefin Market, By Process

4.1. Blow Molding

4.2. Film & Sheet

4.3. Injection Molding

4.4. Pipe & Extrusion

4.5. Rotomolding

4.6. Extrusion Coating

4.7. Wire & Cable

4.8. Raffia

4.9. Fibre

4.10. Others

5. Latin America Polyolefin Market, By Application

5.1. Films

5.2. Packaging

5.3. Consumer Products

5.4. Automobile

5.5. Textiles & Fittings

5.6. Others

6. Latin America Polyolefin Market – By Country

6.1. Brazil

6.2. Mexico

6.3. Colombia

6.4. Argentina

6.5. Peru

6.6. Chile

6.7. Others

7. Latin America Polyolefin Market – Production Scenario

7.1. Polyolefin Production, By Type

7.2. Polyolefin Production, By Plants

7.3. Polyolefin Production, By Region & Products

7.4. Regional Production Analysis & Opportunities

8. Latin America Polyolefin Market, Trade Scenario

8.1. Polyolefin Exports vs. Imports

8.2. Polyolefin Supplier Analysis, By Region

8.3. Polyolefin Import vs. Export, By Country

9. Latin America Polyolefin Market - Pricing Analysis

9.1. Key Impact Factors

9.2. Polyolefin Import vs. Export Price Forecast

9.3. Polyolefin Import Price Forecast, By Type

9.4. Polyolefin Export Price Forecast, By Type

9.5. Polyolefin Import Tariffs, Latin America

10. Latin America Polyolefin Market, Supply Chain Analysis

11. Company Profiles

12. Appendix

13. Abbreviations

14. Research Methodology

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