Launching Solvatten with WWF in India

Press Release   •   Jul 03, 2012 04:04 EDT

Lack of safe drinking water and sustainable energy sources are significant obstacles for human development and environmental conservation. In the projects with WWF India Solvatten is helping households to save energy, which in turn will lead to economic development as well as reduced deforestation and carbon emissions. The technology is being used to provide low income communities in Satpura landscape and Ladakh with access to safe and warm water, thereby improving livelihoods, health and environment for around 2 100 people. See photos from the events here.

Thanks to Nores and Tillväxtverket Sweden for financial support of this initiative!

SOLVATTEN® is a 11 litres solar-powered water treatment unit. It is portable and primarily for household use. The units treat contaminated water, making it safe to drink, as well as providing hot water for personal hygiene and cooking. No consumables, such as chemicals or batteries, are required. Solvatten uses the combined power of heat and ultraviolet radiation from the sun to deactivate disease-causing microorganisms, producing water that meets the WHO Guidelines for Safe Water.  With these units householders improve their health and the environment, as well as saving time and money.  From the proven savings of fuelwood Solvatten has been judged to have the potential to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 26 million tons annually by 2020.