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Top Online Locker Lock Supplier Fleetwood Student Sales to Launch New Website Pages

Press Release   •   Jul 09, 2013 19:06 EDT

Wantagh, NY

Fleetwood Student Sales, Inc. is proud to announce that on top of upgrading some core aspects of its official website to improve navigability, functionality and loading times, it will also launch six brand new pages in order to provide valuable information that should have a positive impact on end-user experience.

Aiming for a clean design and minimalist layout, Fleetwood Student Sales’ new website pages will cover some key search terms that potential and actual clients have been recommending for the last few months: locker locks, locks for lockers, master padlock, master combination lock, wholesale padlocks and bulk padlocks.

With these additional streamlining actions, this renowned online school locks supplier is looking to shape its website in a way that it’s more useful to its clientele. The new pages will have clearer action buttons, better structured sections and concise easy-to-understand information in an attempt to create a better end-user experience.

“Our objective is simple: enhance end-user experience,” stated a representative of Fleetwood Student Sales, Inc. “We recently created a new set of web pages that were designed to add value to our existing pages, like the master portable combination lock page or the ADA compliant locks page; all this to optimize the time our clients spend on our site.”  

Fleetwood Student Sales, Inc. is now providing completely free quotes to its online clients. For any questions concerning these new pages or the company’s extensive line of products, such as its bestselling key padlocks, please feel free to call 1-877-562-5755 or send an email to fleetwoodStudentSales@gmail (dot) com

About Fleetwood Student Sales, Inc.

Online locker lock supplier Fleetwood Student Sales, Inc. distributes school locks for lockers throughout America thanks to its dedicated customer service team and cutting-edge online delivery platform. Fleetwood Student Sales, Inc. is a family owned and operated business that has been providing durable, reliable and high-quality school locks for lockers to public schools and private institutions for more than 40 years. Its school locks are available in a broad selection of portable and built-in secure systems, for all kinds of indoor and outdoor facilities.