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Learn how to draw cartoons characters step by step with digital painting by cartoonpaint.com with tutorial videos from Chad Baldwin!

Press Release   •   Sep 23, 2010 12:06 EDT

Drawing cartoons is not easy as it’s not easy to make people laugh. While picturing your cartoons you have to take care of many things keeping humor in mind. Chad in cartoonpaint.com shows you how to draw cartoons characters with your PC and tools step by step. The website offers you videos that you can download into your PC and start home tutorial and learn to draw cartoons easily.

Humor is the very first thing you need in order to learn how to draw cartoon easy. It is said that to draw cartoons for your task you must know theoretical aspects of humor, however these theoretical aspects will not be able to create humor in you overnight. You can create best cartoon characters with combination of sense of humor, creativity and of course with help of cartoonpaint.com video tutorial.

The website will assist you to create more lively cartoon character with help of Photoshop, coral draw and various other blending tools which it provides along with videos downloads. You will learn to draw various cartoon characters like cartoon animals, faces, comic characters and many other kinds according to your theme and story. Detailed video tutorials are uploaded in the website explaining different aspects of cartoon drawing and digital painting. You can choose among number of videos which suits your need and take your cartoon drawing and painting to next level giving boost to your creativity.

If you are using Adobe Photoshop for your cartoon drawing than learn to draw cartoons easily with same techniques as you are using with Photoshop. The training videos in the website will guide you to draw cartoons in Photoshop with some handy techniques. You can also use blending brushes with Photoshop for professional touch and finishes provided by Chad.

The training videos in the website are there to explain you how to draw cartoons step by step method. All downloaded videos will work on Mac and Window machines. They are divided into three levels for all kind of people who want to learn to draw cartoons.

Video I- Software intro:

This video will introduce you to software as key to become a good cartoon artist is to understand your artist software. As from now on you will be working with this software, you must know all about it.

Video II- The Basics:

Second video in the package will help you understanding using layers with your software for drawing cartoon characters and faces. The best part of using layers in your drawings is to have control over your illustrations and giving high definitions to your cartoon drawing.

Video III- Advanced:

This 1 Hr and 20 minutes video will help you to take your cartoon drawing to advanced level and you will be able to draw various cartoon characters easily having all technical info about the software and drawing tools.

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