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Seattle, Washington - 02/11/2010 - is an online portal that was created by jewelry makers and lovers alike. The website is a one-stop-shop for all jewelry design and making needs.

The very sight of jewelry can inspire and catch anyone’s attention. Imagine knowing how to create similar designs. With those kinds of skills an individual can sit from home and create his/her jewelry. Beaded jewelry designs which are used on necklaces and bracelets have always been a hit with the masses. They also sometimes use beads that sparkle along with crystals and semi precious stones.

The best part is that making jewelry does not have to be an expensive hobby. With a starter kit, an individual could be very soon on the way to become an expert jewelry designer. A basic tool kit can consist of pliers, wire cutters, beads, clasps, cord or nylon and once a user gets some experience he/she can use other equipments. But before that the individual must have some creativity.

In this field being creative is the main ingredient for becoming a successful jewelry designer. In case, an individual is not creative, then he/she can find many resources that can help him/her on finding jewelry making instruction and how to make jewelry. Another tool in jewelry making is to experiment with different materials. Materials like glass, crystal, wood plastic, gemstones and various metals are used to make jewelry.

Users and individuals can find lot of related stuff on So go ahead and check it out.

About was created by individuals who wanted to share and help people worldwide on the art of jewelry design and making. This website can inspire, teach and even provide individuals with the necessary tools to create jewelry pieces. With their online tutorials anyone can become an expert in this field in a matter of time.

The following tutorials like can be found on

• Resin Jewelry Tutorial by John W Golden (3 parts) Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
• How to Make a Wrapped Loop by Blue Moon Beads
• Using and Eye Pin to Make a Connector by Blue Moon Beads
• How to Create a Bead Dangle by Blue Moon Beads
• Learn to Bead – Beading Basics Instructional Tutorial by Aunties Beads
• Glass Tile Graphic Pendant and Ring Tutorial by John W. Golden
• Pearl Knotting by BrightlingBeads
• How to Make Cute Dangle Earrings by CupcakeonaWire

The above online tutorials offer lot of information on jewelry making and designing. Those interested in jewelry can benefit from this website as they can make their own line of jewelry.

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