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Liquid Biopsy set to Revolutionize Cancer Care Industry

Press Release   •   Oct 18, 2016 03:39 EDT

Cancer Care diagnostics industry is set to change as a new diagnostics test “Liquid Biopsy” helps medical practitioners to detect cancer at much advance stage. This will help doctors to give personalized treatment and help in bringing down mortality rate due to cancer. In earlier instances in order to know the cancer, medical practitioners require samples of biopsy from suspected tumor of the patients. The results of these tests take longer time and sometimes it was inaccurate too.

However with this Liquid Biopsy test results are quicker, more accurate and it can be done from simple blood or urine test. Liquid Biopsy has the ability to detect the cancer at early stages so it gives a better chance of survival and savings on healthcare costs by declining the requirement for surgery, drug treatment and radiotherapy. But the cost for Liquid Biopsy is a deterrent factor such as Guardant company is present in USA market place from June 2014 with its product Guardant360 its cost is USD 5400.

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