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Press Release   •   Nov 03, 2011 03:56 EDT

Chico, CA - Sierra Log Homes is a leading US firm engaged in manufacturing log cabins and log homes and provides exquisite log home floor plans, log home designs, and 3D photo realistic designs online. They manufacture both pine and red cedar log homes and offer nationwide shipping so it does not matter what state you reside in they can ship all the building materials directly to you in the United States. Sierra Log Homes, a California Corporation established in 1992 by Larry & Sheri Trimboli, is located in Northern California between Redding and Sacramento, east of the beautiful Mendocino National Forest. Apart from manufacturing log cabin building materials, they offer 3D photo realistic design and engineering of log home floor plans online, and package the log home and log cabin building materials and ship them nationwide in the USA.
"After speaking to Larry Trimboli extensively I could hear his enthusiasm and expertise about the log cabin and log home industry in his voice, so rest assured you are in the right place when you work with Sierra Log Homes". So, find a piece of land and then choose from a variety of their log home floor plans and log cabin plans for your dream home in the mountains, hills or your favorite vacation spot.
The breaking news is Sierra Log Homes is always up on the latest designs and offers log home floor plans and log cabin plans for cabins 1500 square feet and under, several options for homes 2000 to 3500 square feet and beautifully engineered log home floor plans for large homes ranging from 4000 square feet and more if you want to build a large log home. There is an incredible photo gallery online at their site and besides the stock plans you can have them custom design your dream log home or even a huge log lodge for your resort.
The company believes that by scheming design, production and packaging, they can enable their customers to choose products serving their precise interests. They also strive to deliver their services in a manner that is absolutely convenient to use and of course highly cost effective. Customers have a whole range of exciting floor plans to choose from.
Log cabins measuring 1,500 sq ft or less are ideal for those wanting recreational space in their log homes. Cabins ranging from 1,500 to 2,000 sq ft are hugely popular because even while they are cost effective they create the feel of larger space.
Sierra Log Homes gets a lot of clientele for their 2,000 to 2,500 sq ft energy efficient and custom designed log homes. Supremely grand in look and style, these beautiful log homes can be designed to meet your exact living standards and needs.
If you are looking for something grandiose and brilliant, the 2,500 to 3,000 sq ft homes are just what you need. With the interiors corresponding seamlessly to the landscapes and the prominent architectural designs, these log homes are incredibly flamboyant and makes a grand style statement.
Log homes above 4,000 sq ft are a great way to show the world that you have arrived. They are the final word in style and opulence. Undoubtedly, they deliver the best value for money.
The company has a wide collection of exciting log cabin plans that can be easily tweaked to suit your living requirements and comfort standards.
About Sierra Log Homes: Sierra Log Homes with over twenty years experience offers log home packages, Swedish cope log homes, log cabin plans, log home kits, log cabin playhouses, custom log homes, small log cabin kits, timber siding, log cabin siding, and log home building supplies. Please visit to check out their log home floor plans.
Sierra Log Homes
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